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Script Change Replay (LocJAM WMHD 2021 - FR)View project page

Une boite à outils pour le consentement et la sécurité lors des jeux de rôle
Submitted by Apolline (@ap_dsc) — 4 hours, 45 minutes before the deadline
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Congrats for keeping the text inclusive, coming from a romance language we know how hard it can be! Just a question - I don't master French that much, so I was wondering if it's similar to Italian or not - is "quelqu'un" considered neutral for you? We realized we couldn't use anything such as anyone/everybody/no one/everyone as they're all gendered for us. Good thing you have pronouns such as iel or elleui, in Italian this is still way behind, even though something is changing :) Good job!


Thanks a lot!

We consider "quelqu'un" to be gender-neutral yes :)
Even though technically "un" is masculine, because the word "quelqu'une" does not exist and you use "quelqu'un" even to talk about a woman.

Also the pronouns iel/ellui are neo pronouns, you won't find them in a dictionnary, but more and more inclusive spaces/non binary persons use them. I hope Italian will create the same kind of pronouns one day!


Thanks for your explanation! I had no idea that "quelqu'une" did not exist! I should go back to my books! Yes, I am aware that those are neo pronouns (which is also why I appreciated your choice!). I am living in France now and what I found surprising was hearing these also in speeches, when creating a game with other people for a Jam. Impressive! We also do have some linguistic solutions for our gendered words, but those are not widely accepted, or there are still discussions about which one to use (we have the asterisk, the ə (schwa) and the ù, since it is never used as termination in Italian language).
The topic is more and more discussed, I am positive we'll get somewhere in the next years :) 


It's funny because I have rarely heard in speeches iel/ellui (or only when reading aloud inclusive content). These are far from being widely accepted outside of queer/feminist spaces, especially in France :'(
It's interesting that Italian have some linguistic solutions for terminations though, because French does not. We use symbols such as / · - * to write both the feminine and the masculine, but I personally don't like it because you can't really read it aloud and it messes with screen readers for example.

I'm sure of that as well!! :)


Le texte est fluide, clair, tout ce qu'on attend d'une bonne traduction !


Merci beaucoup <3


Bravo pour votre traduction !

On ne sent pas que c'est une traduction et le texte "coule" bien. Encore bravo.

Dommage que des petites erreurs se soient glissées (comme le "Que vous pouvez faire d’autre pour améliorer le jeu avec Script Change Replay ?").


Merci beaucoup pour ce commentaire qui nous fait plaisir à tous !
Malheureusement oui, il reste quelques erreurs, le laps de temps assez court et la fatigue n'ont pas aidé... Mais nous les corrigerons avec un oeil frais dès que les votes seront clos!