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Making sure our binaries run

A topic by Benjamin N. Summerton <def-pri-pub> created Mar 20, 2017 Views: 432 Replies: 5
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Hi Gardiner,

Will you be online tonight around the submission time (or earlier) so we can send our game binaries to you to make sure that they run? I'm doing mine in Nim (which is compiled to C), SDL2 (+ other SDL specific libs), and OpenGL.

To run my game, you should be able to get everything off of the apt repos, but I want to make sure that it does run.


Yay, looks like mine doesn't run anywhere but latest Arch. Good job me.

Submitted (1 edit)

My Binaries dont run Either... I should have tested them before i uploaded them...

EDIT: Fixed my binaries! yay!

Generally speaking it’s best to compile stuff on an older distro (like Xubuntu 14.04) if you want your binary to work everywhere. This is mostly because of glibc that is forward compatible but not backward compatible.


I would check into appImages & Care. This seems like a very interesting deployment and Love2D has an example of getting it setup:


Regarding AppImage, you could check out my project's AppImage scripts:

Usable for any SDL2 based application.