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Tell me what you are using! (and if you need help)

A topic by Striped_Monkey created Mar 17, 2017 Views: 1,099 Replies: 37
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I would love to know what software you are using! Anything and everything! FOSS or no. Bonus points if you give me a link to the source code for your game.

*Bonus points have no value

Compiled list of software known to be used by someone in the game jam:

List of games being worked on:







I use Godot for my game, it's great.

and for the sprites I just use GIMP.

Done! If you intend on open sourcing it do let me know so I can put the link in the description.


Here's my stack for this:

Language: Nim

Engine: Nimgame 2 (mine, WIP)

Tools and editors: gvim, git, aseprite, audacity, appimage

Repo (not much to look at yet)


Nim seems like a cool language, Never seen it before.


Nim is awesome.

Going all in with


Rolling my own engine for this

Got everything on your list, do tell if you do make your source code public.

It will be open sourced, but beware - it's not much design behind the code, more a variant of 'Brute Force Programming!'


Will try to put something tiny with

  • Vim
  • Python
  • Curses
There is not enough free time for me this weekend to think big :)

Not all of us have time to do something big :)

If you do make something be sure to let me know!


Engine: Unity with C#
3d art: Blender
2d art: Krita, Photoshop
Audio: Bfxr, Audacity

Might use Substance Designer/Painter if I end up needing advanced materials.

I will most likely put Unity project with the game upload for anyone to take a peek if they want.

Alright! Please do put that project up for us to see!

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  • Language: Java
  • Engine: libgdx
  • IDE: Intellij Idea
  • Graphics: Gimp
  • Sounds: sfxr
  • Music: don't know, may use LMMS

I'll add a link to source if I have something more than basic tests

Github link

Cool, lets see what you make!

I added a github link


love, gimp, jedit, a cell phone mic, my stellar voice, and espeak for the robots!

But is your Voice as good as gardiners is the question ;)

I hope to see what you make!


i use the blender game engine and audacity that's it for now

Nice! I hope to see your project, I rarely see anything from the game engine side of blender. Plenty on the modeling, animation, and video editing side though...

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I'm making a dungeon-crawler-lilke game using c++, SDL2 and libphysfs.

I use VIM as my code editor ( with YCM, CtrlP, Ack.vim and other nice stuff ).

git for version control/backups.

Aseprite and GIMP for graphics.

Audacity, sfxr and lmms for sound/music.

A4 office paper + pencil for planning and sketching.

Also, I record my work process using vokoscreen. But the last hour recording went down the holes because vokoscreen crashed, though :)

Cool! You like Vokoscreen? It seems like a decent recording software although I am a religous user of SSR.

Yeah, Vokoscreen is nice. But I figured out that it crashes when aseprite is working at the same time. Strange enough.


I'm making a "newtonic variant of dwarf fortress", and I am sticking to Blender's game engine. I plan on using the Cython compiler to get my extra-libraries in a decent format, but that's on the far end of the list. (Also my Editor of choice is gedit, and I'm working on a DVORAK vortex pok3r… let's not start a holy war about speed vs. extra keystrokes, ok?)

Aside from that… I've made my concept art in GIMP, and depending on if I get far enough to do actual textures / sprites (AO ftw!), I might enlist Krita or Toonboom.

As for music and sound… once everything else actually works, I'm confident that a solution for this will come along.

Another Blender Engine user... Honestly I so rarely see any documentation on it that I have no idea its capibilities.

Submitted (2 edits)

Actually, the API is very well documented, but due to the prevalent tutorial-culture, this is often ignored. Also people tend to claim things are "not suported" because they didn't find youtube-tutorials for them. (like realtime IK for example).

Another big problem is that people, attracted by Blender tend to see logic-bricks and fall prey to the Dunning-Kruger effect (and some features are only accessible via the API). I'd claim, it's very much as capable as other engines (I'd consider the editors more powerful, tho), but - very much like using Blender as a video-editor - there are a lot of convenience features missing, that one has to implement first. Of course, if you're comfortable with reading manuals and working with APIs, all that could be considered a bonus to the already decently integrated pipeline. - You could in theory do everything but music without ever leaving blender. (and I'm sure people more inventive than me could use it as a sequencer as well ;) )

Edit: Heck, if you're comfortable with using python's OS library as a bash replacement, you could probably replace a whole desktop environment and most of it's software (save a webbrowser) with just blender. :D

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I'm making a first person (raycasted) dungeon crawler.

I'm using C++ and I started from scratch using SDL2.

Tools and libraries I'm using:

  • Visual Studio Code
  • clang++
  • ninja-build
  • SDL2
  • Aseprite
  • Renoise

Here's the repository:

Good luck to everyone!

EDIT: I have tried implementing collision response for the last couple of hours and failed miserably. I also developed a deep hatred for C++ after I realized that you can implicitly construct objects with one argument in the constructor using the assignment operator; a simple typo cost me an hour to debug. Might not finish this game.

Alright! Hope you finish, good luck!

Submitted (2 edits)

I'm making a Capitalism II clone with Mini Metro graphics.

The server is written in C++ (Boost and stuff), the client in JavaScript (Electron & PixiJS). CLion for the former, WebStorm for the latter, basically I'm a JetBrains fan :) and everything is in Mercurial.

All "art" currently consists of lines and shapes, although I'd like to use proper icons for goods types, but not sure where to get them (pre-drawn sets, if they exist, probably won't cover everything I need).

This is a prototype for a commercial game, so it won't be FOSS (unless I give up on the idea).

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Hey, you could be like Space Engineers and be OSS even though they are selling it still ;)

Granted, I think they keep it a "Few" revisions behind just for the sake of still making money. Plus prototypes being open source doesn't mean that the full game has to! ;)

Note: OSS just means the source code is avalible, this does NOT mean that they are Free


Ahh you're right. Besides it doesn't look like I'm shipping anything playable by the deadline.


I'm making some small kind of racing game (submitted it too), but I'm not really good with graphics so it doesn't look all that fancy.

As for the software/libraries I'm using:

  • Blender (3D meshes, some textures)
  • GIMP & Pinta for the other textures
  • BMFont (generated a bitmap font of Roboto with this, runs over wine)
  • Assimp
  • SDL2
  • The D Programming Language
    • Avocado (small game library/engine by me and a friend)

Nice! Good luck on your submission.


finished my game


  • Love2D
  • Lua
  • Piskel
  • Gimp
  • VS Code
  • Git Github

Currently working on my game --- it won't be feature complete and I will submit at the last minute.


  • Language: Java
  • UI + SceneGraph + Input Handling: JavaFX
  • Source Control: bitbucket
  • Image Processor: Gimp

Language: JavaScript

IDE: and vim

Engine: and Electron

Images: InkScape, Gimp and TexturePacker

Sound: bfxr

Submitted (1 edit)

Language: C++
Library: SFML
IDE: Kdevelop


I used sounds I got from Kenney asset pack, I hope that's not a problem, if it is I can just leave the game mute (it's less annoying that way anyway hahaha) Audio was removed as informed in


I was developing using the sprite editor in pico-8 directly, though I use sublime text to actually do the text editing.

The source of my cart is available here: :)