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When you say art assets and programming

A topic by Vague Entertainment created Mar 14, 2017 Views: 436 Replies: 3
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How original do the art assets have to be? As many will be using things like Gadot / unity, are you forbiding the use of things from Unity's asset store?

Are music, and sound considered art assets?

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I apologize for being ambiguous (or as you might say, Vague). I should've been more specific.

Given the spirit of the rules, you can use art assets from the Unity store if they were made during the event, but not before. Same goes for music. Next time I'll be more specific.


How about fonts? That would be a bit impossible if we had to use 'original' fonts ....

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oh, ok, I'll change my game to exclude the audios I used ;). Good thing someone asked.

Edit: I'm assuming fonts are OK, otherwise it would be very difficult to make a game.