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Siege TrooperView game page

Half Man, Half Tank, 100% badass
Submitted by compulsivestudios — 10 minutes, 38 seconds before the deadline

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its a compiled zip, gpl version 3 inside!

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Jam Host

Note that this feedback is based on the build(s) available at the end of the jam.

Siege Trooper was one of my favourite submissions this year, in terms of it being enjoyable and interesting to play, it being a thoughtful exploration of the "versatile verbs" theme, and it feeling like a complete and cohesive experience.

The two-stage power bar communicates a lot with little, and the controls are a lot of fun to learn and master (getting to the end felt pretty rewarding!). The level in the build I played does a good job of exploring and showcasing the type of experiences/maneuvers the game's mechanics offer.

There are some counterintuitive physics behaviours (particularly with regards to how momentum is preserved when sliding along surfaces), and I think there's also a little room for further tuning charge time, knockback and "jump" height. That said, I feel like these are areas that have already been given at least a little design attention, and I also appreciate that they're working well enough to be serviceable.

I read that you're hoping to continue development. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

I'd also like to do a short interview with you for an article I'm writing on the 2018 Linux Game Jam. Shoot me an email via and I'll send you through some questions!


This was fun, but I could never get myself up to the top area (on purpose).

Submitted (3 edits) (+1)

Requires the version of Love2D from the PPA instead of the Ubuntu standard repos. 

P.S. - You left the ".git" folder in the zip.


Oh thanks for the heads up! I think I'll push up a clean build soon when I get time.


Hey! Because I don't know where to begin with rating a game, I just want to tell you that I played your game.

Very good idea, and the art really works! I couldn't figure out how to get to the top part though


I just saw on a stream that you can hold until the bar gets red, and the bomb will work as a rocket launch immediately.

I'll retry it later.


really fun game, nice work, though a bit frustrating sometimes because you can't save yourself from the spikes once you are falling to them, but satisfying when you complete it. Should really get more levels!