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Are comedic TTRPGs allowed?

A topic by Tofu Sheets Visual created May 09, 2022 Views: 96 Replies: 3
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Hi there!

I occasionally make TTRPGs and saw that previously made ones were also accepted so long as it follows the theme (which I love, btw!) I was wondering if comedic tabletops were allowed? My first (and still most popular) TTRPGs is a very comedic piece about a bard commissioned by a flop of a hero, and there's not much good to highlight, so the bard must without lying try to put emphasis on all that went right with the hero's (mis)adventures. Is a TTRPG like this befitting for the jam?

I will probably also still submit something new, since I had an idea floating in my head that would totally fit and this jam gives me an excuse to finally put it to paper. But just wanted to know if one of my previous works would fit the bill! Thank you! And again, wonderful idea for a jam topic. I am sure a lot of fun and cozy games shall come of it!


Absolutely! As per the rules, light-hearted and 'laughing so hard your drink comes out your nose' are very much welcomed! That game sounds perfect for a fun and silly escape when the world becomes too dark and serious <3


Awesome, just wanted to make sure! Comedy is probably my favorite genre to write for, so just wanted to double make sure. I hope many people will have a good laugh from it! ^^


No worries at all! I look forward to checking it out!