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where do games /art come from?
Submitted by Maria Mison (@mariamison) — 56 days, 19 hours before the deadline
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Deleted post

YAY! GLAD YOU LIKED IT. I think the voice really wants to trap/convince you to become more of yourself, which is something we can't ... ontologically escape??? anyway. and that's the game


"So the trick here is that a lemon tree doesn’t need to try to be a lemon tree" is SUCH an insight! Intention (and lack of) is a hugely important and under-acknowledged part of all of this metaphysical stuff. 

You know, I can't help but think: the artistic process is a battle or a war, and the editorial process is mostly an attempt to take the violence out. It's a denial of the nature of the thing, I think. There's this impulse to make our art presentable. It's maybe good to push back on that sometimes.

Thank you so much for this game! It was a joy to read, truly.


The intention being that there must be a discorporated intention brewing from the firmament/or inside of you that you train yourself to dance to. Maybe self-awareness in lemons is a layer of difficulty worth acknowledging too but something not really worth talking about when I'm trying to go for WE ARE ALL ADVANCED PLANTS kind of thesis


I like the war idea. But what if you are a thorny plant and the struggling writer energy must be part of your form. But yes, not more than necessary that must be - edited out. Thank you also! you're welcome