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A first person mobility-based platformer, where you use various abilities to complete a course in less than 30 seconds.
Submitted by Hopeless Productions — 9 hours, 25 minutes before the deadline

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Very well done graphics, audio and mechanics, although I didn't know how to use the grapple hook and was unable to determine what exactly to do at the tower as the stairs just ended halfway and jumping through a hole in the tower didn't lead to anything. More signposting and directing the player would be useful as in a 3D space its easy for the player to get lost.


Thanks for the feedback! We tried signposting with red ledges meant to show you paths of interest, such as the ledges at the top of the tower, that you need to jump to from the stairs. 

However you're right that this wasn't obvious enough. We should consider that players don't know the intended path as well as we do :)


I think this is a really cool take on the theme. The graphics, sound effects, and music are all top notch. The gameplay works fairly well outside of a couple times when the game seemed irresponsive when I jumping, leading to some cheap feeling deaths. 

My biggest complaint is the level design. In a game that forces you to run through the same environment several times, some of it seemed uninteresting the first time I went through.  I guess it works in the game's strength a bit that you're working towards finding ways to bypass the boring stuff. I think the weakest parts of the level are hands down the places with random blocks strewn haphazardly  all over the place and floating platforms that don't look like there's much rhyme or reason to their layout. 

I think if you worked a little harder on the play space, you'd have an awesome game on your hands. Perhaps adding things that change on subsequent playthroughs (rather than just your skillset changing) could be interesting.


YAAYYY.. I am able to finish the normal mode. The game is fun :)

I am impressed that you have been able to develop these assets during this JAM time. The game starts well, but I found it confusing. It is not clear what should be done, why or how. The controls are classic in first person games, but they are VERY responsive. They almost mess up rather than help, you could rethink them a little. Congratulations on the game, it was not very clear where the "30 second quest" is inserted, but surely we have something that can be evolved and become a great game.


You need to reach the top of the tower within a target time shown in the bottom right. When you do, you'll get a new ability allowing you to reach the tower even faster. Ultimately you'll be able to reach it in 30 seconds, which is how you free your soul (and win).

Give it a try :)


First of all the graphics and assets are the bomb!

Going into the game: I didn't get it. It's starts SUPER promising with the voice intro and everything. Then you start running around with the hope of getting the blessing and nothing happens. Then you reach the end of the tower and you can't continue. I'm guessing that I need the blessing to continue but I don't know how to get it.

Very nice game but it's a shame that things weren't more obvious.

Developer (3 edits) (+1)

Oh, sorry for not making it clear. The goal is at the top of the tower, if you reach that in time you get a new blessing and can re-do the level in a faster time.

Did nothing happen when you reached the top?

Hint: you have to use the little red stepping stones on the side of the tower to get to the top, the 'obvious' main steps are unreachable without the first blessing ;)

I simply died whe I reach the top. :(


What did the game say? If you reach it after the required time to get the next blessing, the goddess tells you to try again and try to get a better time.

The target time to get to the top of the tower is shown below the timer.


I have it a second go. Fun game :D