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Experience flight as you soar BrickBird across Scribbly Desert
Submitted by Teknopants — 1 day, 28 minutes before the deadline

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What's the name of your experience?
Brick Bird

Please describe your creation.
With use of the Leap Motion Controller, push down on the air and soar into the skies above Scribbly Desert, finding high peaks, low arches, and the occasional nook and cranny to rest on.

Brick Bird is my first 3D game, and my first time using Unity and C#. It was exciting to learn while exploring new technology, and the ideas kept flowing. At first the game was going to be a shoot 'em up where your hand was the ship's position in 3D space, but it was a bit bland. Then I started to make a racing game where your hand's rotation was where the car was trying to turn, but Unity physics got the best of me there. Finally I decided I'd try a flying game, and was surprised by how exhilarating it was to get a sense of flight by pushing down on the air. I spent most of the remaining time trying to get tight controls. During my first playtest I learned that people had trouble moving forward (by scooping air toward themselves) so I added forward momentum to the character even when you do a normal down and up flap.

After that I set out to create a compelling environment. Having never modelled in 3d before, I downloaded blender, watched a couple tutorials, and decided to try and see my modelling deficiencies more as... uh... creative blessings.

Now that the deadline has approached I see a great deal of seams in the project, but I am proud nonetheless, and thankful that the Leap Motion Jam has motivated me to learn a few skills I've wanted for a long time.

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Nice concept. Found the controls hard to get the hang of and just ended up flailing my arms around, very tiring! Some instructions would be useful (unless I've just missed them).

Very well done for your first 3D game!


it's cool you learnt all those tools in one jam. brick bird is also kinda cute lol