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Be a student at Lake City High School (or alumni) and create a new game with a conspiracy theme before March 11th!  Voting during the following day. Prizes awarded during a pizza party on March 13th at 2:30 PM in room C11. Judged on ORIGINALITY, ARTISTRY, and POLISH

Prize levels for 4-6 Entrants: 1st-$25, 2nd-$15, 3rd-$5 <<<
Prize levels for 7-9 Entrants: 1st-$50, 2nd-$30, 3rd-$10
Prize levels for 10-12  Entrants: 1st-$75, 2nd-$45, 3rd-$15
Prize levels for 13+ Entrants: 1st-$100, 2nd-$60, 3rd-$20

Can be a comic, illustrated Twine, RPGBoss, RPG Maker, Fusion, Cloud Novel, card game, board game, video...

Suggested Themes: Martians, Matrix Reality, Hollow Earth, UFO's, Free Energy, Chem-trails, Men In Black, Reptilian Overlords, Birds are drones, Titanic was an insurance scam and the Olympic is the ship that sank, Mattress Firm is a money laundering front, Avril Lavigne is dead , Evil Morty is Rick's original Morty, Zepeto is the deep web...   knock yourself out

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Fan game of John Carpenter's movie "They Live".
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