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Unidos Online Jam 2021

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Use #UnidosJam2021 on Twitter to share your progress!

What is the theme of the jam?

Our theme for the Unidos Online Game Jam 2021 is...

A Story Only YOU Can Tell

We cannot wait to play the amazing experiences you will come up with for this theme. Good luck!

Who can participate?

Everyone! Unidos means 'United.' Latinx culture belongs to different races, religions, languages, and countries. The jam wants to celebrate the beauty of it all. 

What platform can I use to make my game/experience?

Any platform you feel comfortable using as long as the game can run on Windows (without the need to install other programs) or browsers, to You can support other platforms too, if you'd like (Mac and/or Linux). No physical games, Super Mario Maker levels, Dreams (PS4) games, or games that require an emulator to run.

What assets can I use? 

Any assets that you have made, purchased, or downloaded with proper licensing.

Who will judge the games? 

We will have professional developers, journalists and influencers from various disciplines providing feedback and selecting the winners. Stay tuned for future updates on the judging panel!

A live stream showcasing the finalists and winners will be featured on the Twitch front page and hosted on the Latinx in Gaming partnered Twitch channel!

Optional Challenges

Together with the theme, we would like to offer a few directions that may help you think outside the box. Although using Challenges is not required, they could help you make a unique game that you may have never thought about before! You optional challenges are:

  • Mother Tongue - Game supports at least one other language from Latin America and/or Caribbean  (Spanish, Portuguese, indigenous dialects, etc.) besides English
  • Paz - Game has mechanics that are not violent or threatening (i.e. no shooting, damage, etc.)
  • No Distractions - Game has no HUD elements
  • Carnaval - Game features original/free-to-use music and rhythms typical of Latin America and/or Caribbean

What will the games be judged on?

Quality, creativity, and relation to the theme. The judges will be picking finalists that will represent contenders for the following categories:

Best Gameplay
Best Art
Best Narrative
Best Audio
Best Use of Challenges
Best Overall

Prizes will be announced soon, so stay tuned to our LatinxInGaming social channels.

Is there a Discord I can join? 

Yes! Please join the Latinx In Gaming server. A channel for the game jam is open for you to use. You'll be able to talk to other jammers to get brainstorm, form teams, and get feedback or help.

Jam Rules

Games submitted to the Unidos Online Game Jam must not contain nudity or strong language or visuals.  You may make and submit a VR game but with the understanding that few people will have the hardware to judge or play your game.

All games submitted to the jam are required to be made within the time frame of the jam. We will not accept games made prior.


Anything you make during the Unidos Online Game Jam is your property. Latinx In Gaming claims no rights or ownership of your game. 

Any game submitted to the Unidos Online Game Jam may show up in Latinx In Gaming's social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and Twitch channel without your expressed permission. 


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A short story about not finding the right words.
Interactive Fiction
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SemiTerror game/unfinished
This game was created for Unidos Online Jam 2021...
Role Playing
Lift curses casted upon a cute latinx.
Use a magical cassette player that contains useful powers in order to help out citizens!
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Thoughts of a child...
Role Playing
What are the stories that go unspoken?
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