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This is your last test!
Submitted by Roberto Romao — 3 hours, 11 minutes before the deadline
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A girl last test to become a crusader!

Something else?
I did all the assets/programming in the game, except the music

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I played your game up to the point where you fight the bandit leader (the one with plate armor). My thoughts:


  • Out of the games I played in this jam until now, your game had the best intro text. Parents killed, saved by a badass dude, joins his group of badass dudes when grows up. Straight to the point and from there you're in the game;
  • I liked how the game has a lot of stuff you can look into right from the start (village shops and pause menus), but never forces you into looking into that, so you can do it whenever it feels best for you;
  • Music fits the game. Sound effects are satisfying;
  • I liked how its medieval themed but has only humans. No need for goblins, golems, skeletons. You can build a nice fantasy world with humans. Or introduce fantastic creatures later into the game. Most characters using capes contributed to give the game it's own aesthetic. I feel like you can add some more flavor to it though, but it's a nice start;
  • The game doesn't waste your time. Loads quickly when you die, turns are fast, you can relearn all skills easily, etc.
  • I found those question marks on the ground very interesting as a mechanic. Hearing people from afar. I'm assuming you will change the question marks for something else later, like a skill you learn or something in the enviroment you can interact with like closed windows with some cue;


  • There are a lot of grammar errors. Not a big problem though;
  • The biggest problem with the game is that you miss attacks way too often. It's very frustrating. I maxed accuracy first, most items were increasing accuracy, and even then when I was level 15 vs the weakest enemies I still missed too many attacks. Evasion is frustrating in itself, if you want it to be your core mechanic you have to have a pretty clever idea to move it from the frustrating to the engaging realm of emotions;
  • Your skills are too weak. They very rarely are better that a normal attack, and they can miss too which is very frustrating;
  • Potions don't scale, they keep healing 20 hp all game. Maybe they could heal you 50% max health? It's they reason I stopped playing at that boss. Without a way to heal and the skills not being very useful (I was using axe at that point), the only way to defeat him would be to grind a lot of levels;
  • There are some small bugs with collision, life bar goes negative for a frame when you kill an enemy, and your saved game sometimes loads without some items, HP different from how it was saved, etc. It's expected to have bugs in a jam though and none of them spoiled the experience;
  • Your master sends you to fight a group of bandits with no help and stays at the town for no big reason (just hunting bandits). Maybe he could be poisoned, or your allies were handling some bigger threat while you seach for clues, etc;
  • Some parts of the plot come a bit out of nowhere, like suddenly they start talking about a prince without a proper introduction to the topic;

It's a good start for your game. Keep going!