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At The Beginning, You need to plantView game page

Submitted by K0STUR (@kostur4L) — 19 hours, 14 minutes before the deadline
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At The Beginning, You need to plant's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Fits the Theme#382.5983.000
Art Style#452.3092.667

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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It's really relaxing one, I think just with a bit of reward it'll be much better! 


Quite a relaxing game. it's a good starting point. Pay attention to few things. First is to not write in white your text against a light BG here your texte is a bit hard to read maybe chose a better angle. Secondly it would be greate if we can see plants grow and if you just add some collectables so the player could be lead to more exploration. I think it will be nice. And finally last advice is always make at least two screenshot of your game so it can have a cover. It will let us understand that you have finish something and there is a game to play. YOu got quite a nice art so just a screenshot would have help instead of noting in the list. By the way congrats you have deliver something relaxing i appreciate.


Thanks for playing my game!! If you would kindly read some of my replies to other comments you should understand what happened. I will take your feedback into considuration if I decide to continue working on the game! And I thank you again for playing my game despite lacking an intrusting page or menus


You are welcome. Ho i understand. Next time don't forget to use a code source revision like github to avoid this kind of issue. Me i also got a very big issue the day before delivery where all my code doesn't publish. And as i have use a git repo i was able to explore my differents version to find what job have added the error to the project. And once i found the 10 possible guilty files i was able to delete them one by one to find the issue. With that i was able to fix my issue in 2 hours instead of 2 weeks. 
Also, if you got a bit of time i would apreciate to get your feedback on my proposal. :


Over all good idea! Getting stuck in the river wasn't great. Obviously a work in progress with not much to actually do. Kind funny how you can stack plants and even cage yourself in with trees if you so desire! Lots of potential on a limited time frame good stuff!


Thanks a lot haha! Yeah the thing is that last day before submission my scene got deleted haha, so had only a few minutes to work on it from the start. I'm happy you like the concept and I will keep working on the project so it comes out as a fully working game!


+1 on needing jump mechanic. Very chill and wholesome submission and the music is nice!


Thank you so much! Haha It was fun and I'm happy that there is a lot of free music for us developers to use. It's hard to wear multiple hats some times! I'm very happy you liked it!


Cool project. Got stuck in the river. jump button would be preffered. Could be more polished with 3d plants and more plants.


Funny thing is that jump is in the game but i forgot to add the force haha, didn't get to play test the game myself since my scene got deleted last min and had to do something quick! Thx for playing my game!


Super relaxing xD

I love the soundtrack. I feel like it needs a jump mechanic tho.


Yeah haha, Well jump is in the game but force is not xD And sound track was taken from the internet haha, happy  that someone provided it for free use! Thx for playing my game!