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Submitted by MRmorian — 14 hours, 29 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Fits the Theme#44.4624.462
Art style#93.9233.923

Ranked from 13 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I liked the extra little touches, like the screen shake when you fall to down a crevice.

How did you implement your level procgen?


i use Construct 2 but i made nine segments and i made them created random then if all done i put the ennemies and the coins and done


The jump was really difficult to time well...and I wouldn't respawn after I died. Wish I could've beaten it but refreshing the whole page each time wasn't very fun. It seems like a good game though, nice work!


Definitely a fun game, It fits the theme perfectly. The game was very challenging but I am also extremely bad at platformers. The art and sound are great and upbeat. This game is really good at keeping you playing it, as in I died over 50 times and still enjoyed it. I have no bad feedback for it, and I couldn't even tell I was in the browser most of the time. Great job, this was a very fun game. :)


This is probably the BEST game I have played so far in this jam, its really polished and well made, the only place where you lack stars in my book is Creativity (which I'm treating as originality mostly) as it is just a very refined version of the same game we've played countless times however it feels extremely satisfying and is really smooth, also the gameplay is fairly difficult however addicting in the same way as you always wanna just finish what you started, it fits the theme quite well and is very enjoyable, the art is great (lacking in a few areas, however) and the audio is very satisfying just what I need in this game.


Thank you very much!, i think i will make a new vesion for the game because for me this game is a prototype of a random generated level in the future this game will be much much bette


I love the art style! The jump feels a little unresponsive though.


Nice take on the theme for this game! The art was nice and the mechanics were pretty good. Although, I would suggest to probably check if players already got a certain party item because I ended up getting the bowl multiple times and it was kind of frustrating that I had to reset the level again. Overall, nice game!


yeah i don't really like this game for me this game is a prototype of how to make a random generated level but some thing i really don't like type the thing that you have talk about i think i want to uptadet the game with some dificult level and better the Props for the party


The theme is nice ! I had some troubles resetting the game though, restarting from the beginning feels a bit too punitive for this kind of game haha. The art style was cool too !