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Fire CallView game page

Complete missions in a neat little pixel art world
Submitted by JUSTCAMH (@justcamh) — 32 minutes, 55 seconds before the deadline
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FUN FACTOR#43.4383.438

Ranked from 16 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I like that simple game art and it is well animated you did a great a job.


The music is relaxing and shines beautifully as an intrinsic part of the experience. The Achievements, missions and puzzles are well put together (Setting fire to something as a fireman was interesting). The art is clean & consistent, I particularly like how the fire looks. It's an excellent experience.


Hi JUSTCAMH, coming from 'Running John' here :)

Amazing and relaxing game at the same time. Laughing hard at the witty opening and enjoy as we explored the game. Overall it is a really nice game, yet trying to challenge ourselves whether we can find something to improve :D

Maybe, it will even better if the interaction hint is placed near the object so that the player won't spend too much focus on the right bottom screen.

All the best for your entry! Thank you for creating the beautiful game experience.

Developer (1 edit)

Hey, thanks for checking mine and thanks for your suggestion too!


I’m curious to see how this could develop, it does seem like a cool point and click and the hand mechanic works very well for these strange context sensitive puzzles.

Art is 10/10, the effects and lighting, everything, it’s got a very unique but good feel to it. Great Job!


Thanks for your kind feedback. I completely overprojected, and made a story for three levels, and only had time to make the first level. I'll be sure to work on this in the future, be sure to follow my itch account to see any future updates.


Mechanic with hand was interesting and unexpected. It works nice as a narrative thing too - loved it a lot! (but didnt understand, whaat should i do with hand to pass the plant. Not so obvious)

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Ah, that’s a quick little puzzle. Play around with it for a bit and it’ll make sense. You can interact with the table in the room with the impassable vine. If you could burn the vine...


The pixel art and story were great! I loved the infinetly stretchy arms and I'm a bit sad you couldn't use them more. It was a very fun and polished game, and I spent around half an hour trying to interact with everything and get all the achievments I could. Nice Work!


Great, I'm glad you loved it! Those scenes were very time consuming, and each had to be separately designed and made interactive. But I'll be sure to use them again in future levels. Thanks for the feedback!


It has an interesting mysterious vibe. The wobbly arms are the most fun thing I've seen so far, it's an amazing mechanic - good job! I also like how the achievements stay even if you leave the page. Also the comedic moments are very nice - saving an axe is hilarious.

Is there a way to end the game? Once I got them to safety I just walked around, but couldn't find anything. 

If you intend to improve it I'll just add some bugs I found while playing. If you hold left and right at the same time on keyboard the player moves but in an idle animation(looks like he's hovering). If you throw people to safety, you don't get the achievement.  Also I would recommend choosing either wasd or ArrowKeys for movement. When I used wasd and switched to arrow keys he was moonwalking if meant to go left - I don't know if that was intended.. 

Overal I really enjoyed the game and it's an awesome entry. Good job, hope you finish it.


Cool, thanks for the feedback and bug report! I’m just glad it wasn’t anything more major. Cheers!


Has a cool atmosphere and vibe~  I like how the camera zooms in at times and the animations!


I love the overall polish of this entry, I also like how you managed to make it visually interesting and unique, in particular I like the pixel art flames effect!
Nice game, keep up the good work!


Thanks for the feedback! The art easily took the longest to make, so good to know that it worked.