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Global Warming Heatwave of 2121 - Jam SubmissionView game page

Submitted by SkyanSam (@SkyanSam) — 1 hour, 45 minutes before the deadline
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Global Warming Heatwave of 2121 - Jam Submission's page


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FUN FACTOR#332.3842.500

Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Hey ! We've just finish to test the game and we can say it's a basic but nice platformer ! We love the idea of changing scenery inside the same level, we think it's a really great idea ! For the music, did you make these yourself ? Because it sounds like a beginner soundtrack, but a nice beginner soundtrack at least ! Anway overally you did a goodjob, and even if the physics or controls aren't perfect, I can understand that when your partner left you during the jam... it's not very cool lol.

Don't hesitate to try our game : Bloopy & Droopy !


Thanks for your compliments. Yeah I did make the music myself. And I'm a bit of a beginner. I just got into composing music 3 months ago. I feel like this is my music style, but I'm glad that you still like the music. I feel like the tropical soundtrack is actually one of my best soundtracks. Yeah the jump and controls are really bad and the second desert after the tropical part was very rushed. Sorry about that. I will patch that up. And I will try your game if I get the time. Thanks for playing btw.


Loved the parallax effect and transition between areas.  

I liked the theme,  running out of water, a torn landscape,  NPC story narration, the break in pace with the safezone.

Adjusting the walking animation speed and run/walk transition would have made a lot of difference, at least for me.

I couldn't get past the second desert but that could be me being bad at jumping mazes in general.

The ground detection and hit box size requires time to test out so I understand it not being on point.

The decision to make the trees a foreground element added to visual variety (something I forgot completely in making my game).

Overall a cool game.


Thank you so much for your feedback, I'm glad you appreciate the theme, and storyline of the game. The second desert was very rushed and I barely tested it. (The ending doesn't even feel satisfying.)

Also, I definitely should fix the jump and hitboxes. That has been a big issue for everyone that play tested my game.

Regardless, I'm glad you played & enjoyed it.


Very cool game! The backgrounds scrolling was really cool. Overall you did a very nice job. I hope you will check out my entry as well if you haven’t already.


Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it.


I'm just bumping this comment to the top. I posted this earlier. Before you start rating or downloading or playing maybe actually read the game page. It has some useful info on it ;) please...

Nice 2d game. I like backgrounds and how them change. It remind me "Terraria" xd. Nice entry.
Please, don't forget check my entry "Jolly Job" 


Yeah, I'll make sure to do that. I haven't been rating too much entries either. Probably should do that sometime. Maybe when I wanna chill I can play and rate these games. XDDDD Regardless I'm glad you enjoyed it, even though it wasn't polished. :)


Pretty cool!  I liked how the music and background changed as you went along~  Maybe check you ground detection size, sometime he wouldn't jump when close to an edge.  Was fun!


Thanks for playing and the criticism and positive comments as well. I'm glad you liked it. I'm thinking about making another version to polish things up but otherwise I'm going to leave this for now.


Hey there, I tried your game but I can't pass through the second desert (after speakead with the barman) when there is lots of lava and some sort of pillars and you need to land on it perfectly to pass.
I like that you had enough time to make different tilesets and music between  "stages" even if it is only a big level with no loading involved! :)
My only advice is to make the hitbox of the player a little bit slimmer, at the moment is is too much pixel perfect and sometimes you hit the lava with the hitbox but your eyes didn't see this graphically.


Thanks, I'll take those notes and release a polished second version (sometime later after the jam). Sorry about the second level. I tried to make interesting and hard gameplay but maybe I made it too hard. I also rushed that part as well. Regardless, thank you for your feedback. I'll try your game as well.


Hey uh before you start rating or downloading or playing maybe actually read the game page. It has some useful info on it ;)