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Submitted by ViktorWii (@viktorwii), MrRohngwald, Nemesium, blednaya (@blednaya_left) — 1 hour, 17 minutes before the deadline
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FUN FACTOR#83.0003.000

Ranked from 18 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I really liked the idea and the atmosphere of the game. The levels were fun and challenging enough and the game actually felt very polished for a small puzzle jam game. Good work!


Wow! Wonderful visual. I like it a lot. Nice concept and mechanic with light. Interesting puzzle levels. Great entry!

Please, don't forget to check my entry "Jolly Job" :3

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Really awesome and fun game! Find it exciting and fresh every time starting new stage. The way how you incorporate the theme into the game is elegant - it seems simple until you realize that you are actually killed by heatwave. Absolutely love it!

Do you mind sharing how you get the idea to make the game? :)

Developer (2 edits) (+1)


Actually, there were a lot more good and interesting ideas, when our team (there are four of us) started to think about concepts. There were thought based on a music genre "Vaporwave", idea about wax-man, who can melt on the sun, moreover - cooling systems tycoon :D. We tried to imagine as many interesting varients, as possible. 

This exact idea was based on a simple contrast of heat and cold + an idea, that sun can give you a shadow. Quite ordinary thing  in a heatwave to choose a way in a shadow to feel less heat. Then  it was some vibes from playing FEZ - so we came up with a thought - what if it would be a 3d puzzle game, with rotaiting shadow to pass through some hot space (in FEZ you "rotate" the world to find a way).

This idea was the most straight-forward, i guess that's why we finally choosed it. Simple ideas are suitable for jam C:


Really thanks for the thorough share! Learn from your perspective well :)

Developer (5 edits)

Wanna add some advise from my perspective

We start each jam from finding all definitions, synonyms and antonyms of the theme, then we take 15-30 min break, when every member of the team try to find a unique idea or spot some interesting ways to look at this theme or mb even find a game related to one of the topics. After this we start a brainstorm, when everyone writes down and explain every thought, that he came up with. After everyone "came out" with their ideas, we start to discuss if we can actually develop this idea in a few days, isn't it too complicated and so on. 

So in this case we have some good ideas but decide that the idea with shadows is pretty cool (in all meanings :D) and not very difficult to implement. 

That's more theoretical explanation of how we  generally search for ideas for our projects


This was a great puzzle game! Feels like it would work really well on a portable like mobile. There's really nothing else I can think to add on this. I’ve gotten halfway through the second set of levels so i’ll be playing the rest later. With the introduction of carpets, i’m curious to see if there is any time you might play around with needing certain ground heat up now that you can toggle them. 

Anyway everything about this looks great 10/10!!


We don't actually have time to introduce any other mechanic, but we have a lot of them in plans(like water and lamps)!

Btw, you will look at carpet in a fresh way at last levels of chapter 2

P.S. did you discover you can rotate levels in preview?:D


Hey ! We just tried it and we think it's a really great puzzle game ! The concept is really nice and the menu is well polished !

Don't hesitate to try our game Bloopy & Droopy !


The art was awesome and the sunlight mechanic was a great idea. It was a really fun game to play and easily one of the top so far, although sometimes the change of sunlight direction could be very finnicky. Congrats on the great game!




Uouu! I loved this puzzle game! Excellent job man!


Really solid entry guys!
The main mechanics (rays that can be changed in direction) is cool and unique, also you put together a well made art style with an on point audio.
Keep it up!


Thanks C: