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In 2017, in honor of "May the 4th Be With You", two of the funniest people of all time created "July Sixth Park", a holiday to celebrate the Jurassic Park series. And now, in honor of Chris & Jack's holiday, I'm hosting the July Sixth Park Dinojam, a game jam centered around creating totally awesome dinosaur-themed TTRPGs.

Check out 2022's #J6Dinojam entries here!

  • The jam will begin on July 6th, and run until August 6th.
  • make a dinosaur-themed TTRPG
    • You are encouraged to make a new game for this jam, but you can submit a previously made game as long as it hasn't been submitted to a previous July Sixth Park Dinojam
      • This is more about creativity and fun than creating hurdles, but I would like to keep things fresh each year!
  • submit said dinosaur-themed TTRPG
  • enjoy a bunch of dinosaur-themed TTRPGs

Feel free to join my discord channel, the Chubby Crow Disco(rd), to discuss your projects with other dinojammers!

Here are some alternate rules as well if you're not into making TTRPGs, because we're all about everyone having a good time!

  • make a dinosaur-themed supplement for a specific TTRPG
    • make a dinosaur-theme supplement for any TTRPG
  • make a dinosaur-themed video game
  • make some dinosaur-themed art assets for either video games or TTRPGs
  • literally make anything dinosaur-themed!

This jam is not endorsed by or affiliated with the Jurassic Park movies, Universal Pictures, or Chris & Jack; however, I did ask Chris and Jack permission to use the name, and they said yes. So PLEASE go check out their YouTube channel, check out Funny or Die where all of their past videos are currently being uploaded, and check them out on Twitter. They're sincerely two of the funniest people alive, and their sketches are often full of heart as well as wit.

Be mindful of intellectual property and copyright - don't include "Jurassic Park" or "Chris & Jack" in your games without express permission if you're making a paid game, and look into any related rules and laws if you do otherwise. Spare no expense when it comes to your research :)

Claw marks from and edited by Harper Jay.


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Creatures and a setting fragment for the Cairn TTRPG
A cave crawl one-shot for Dino Goons.
A root'n, toot'n game of Cretaceous magic slinging action in the Wild West
A reptilian adventure for nice dinosaurs. A Tunnel Goons game.
A solo game where you play as a pack of velociraptors.