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“I’m Richard. I wanted to run a jam for games inspired by my favourite pirate-themed comedy musical duo Jollyboat. I pitched this to Ed & Tommy and they loved the idea and so here it is! If you have any technical questions about this jam then ping me on twitter @richardauthor . I’m really looking forward to seeing what games folk post!” - Epistolary Richard

Jollyboat Game Jam

We are Jollyboat, a geeky comedy musical duo.

We tour games conventions across the UK and, as we tour, we gather people into The Jollyboat Crew: a Facebook community which is all about keeping life bright. In the Crew we share jokes, puns and nerdiness, and support each other through life's tough days.

We also play games; having become friends online, Crewmates meet up at our shows, and gather every year at JollyCon, the Jollyboat fan convention. This game jam is to honour the Crew, by creating simple games that they can play together, to help spread a little joy.

Jam Dates
Submissions open June 10th
Submissions close June 30th


  • Make any kind analogue game you like (RPG, party game, board game, LARP...)
  • Make games that try to bring players together, and form friendships.
  • Short games, which are easy to grasp, are ideal. Puns, silliness and high-energy fun will go down well!
  • Pirate themed games are great, but not mandatory. Same goes for themes of inclusiveness, minority visibility and mental health support.
  • There won’t be any judging or prizes, but we'll promote the hell outta the designers through the Crew, and we look forward to playing the games at JollyCon (July 13th, 2019, in Liverpool England)
  • Community
    Want to talk about this jam? Use #jollyboatjam2k19 or join the Jollyboat Crew itself on Facebook.

    Find out more about Tommy, Ed and Jollyboat itself at or follow Jollyboat on Facebook.


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    A game about children, and adults
    Piratical fun on the high seas!
    A story-singing game.
    A micro-rpg of pirates resolving a domestic dispute by text
    An icebreaker tabletop game of learning what we love
    2P adventure board game of strategy, wit, and storytelling!
    An icebreaker physical game including frozen pirate ghosts and consensual touching
    A pervasive convention social game for a lot of people
    Get to know each other through crappy gifts.