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Sound Effects#413.0463.182

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

What INSPIRED this game?
HIT SPACE BAR AT THE RETRY SCREEN! (My roommate supplied inspiration for this game)

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List the parts of your game you or your team did NOT make. (Pre-existing assets or downloaded content)
3D models, music

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Nice runner. Not the most inventive project, but definitely fun to play. The only complaint i have is the size of box pickups. Right now they are too big, and you can't see the cars approaching you because of that. You should definitely do something about that, because it's really inconvenient.


Hey thanks for trying it out! I agree that the boxes obstruct the view too much. I was hoping to make them semitransparent but just ran out of time. Also know runners aren't original but had been wanting to try making one for a while :) 


it is fun but after i got the race car things get hard. maybe you can make when you hit thing you get a downgrade again to walking. also I high score would also be nice to have.


It is pretty fun but the boxes that have the bicycle and rocket make the game even harder so I tended to avoid the boxes at all cost.


Thanks for trying it out! The idea was that the player was going to have to beat the sunset, to do that he would have to unlock the faster vehicles. And to unlock the vehicles they would have to collect X amount of coins. Unfortunately I couldn't pull all that off in the day and a half I had to make the game. It's still a pretty fun prototype though :) Thanks again for giving it a whirl!


Hey guys, as another user pointed out there is a minor issue with the UI when you lose the game. The issue can be avoided by not using the mouse for anything other than the PLAY button at the begging of the game. (Just use the arrow keys/space bar for the Retry menu).  If you want to try a version of the game with that bug fixed (and no other changes) you can download it from my google drive here:



This game was hilarious fun for the 15 seconds or so that I played it. Unfortunately, the retry and main menu buttons don't work when you lose, so I had to close the game. These little UI bits may seem like low priority during development, but they are absolutely crucial to the player's experience, since nobody's going to keep playing if they have to restart the game every time. The star of the show here are the graphics. This is easily the best-looking game of the submissions I've reviewed thus far. That being said, it looks like you used pre-existing 3D models, so it was just a matter of picking good assets.


Thanks for trying it out and the nice feedback! The UI thing was certainly a bummer but it's not 100% broken. You can still navigate the retry/main menu buttons using the space bar and arrow keys/a,d. Basically, just don't use the mouse for anything other than the PLAY button at the very beginning. My apologies, I think I just left an invisible panel over the game over panel and it breaks if you try to use the mouse to click either of the buttons. I did indeed (mostly) use pre existing 3D models that I acquired from the Unity asset store. The only 3D things I whipped together myself were the bicycle, rocket, and some of the 3D animations. I do 3D modeling but it is very time consuming and I wanted to focus on programming and the gameplay. Anyway, apologies again for the UI thing, I'll be sure that it doesn't happen next time. Thanks for playing and the review!