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Enchanted CastleView game page

Can you figure out what has happened in this old dusty castle?
Submitted by GearBunny Studios — 1 hour, 2 minutes before the deadline
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Sound Effects#911.5001.500

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What INSPIRED this game?
Our team's inspirations were fantasy novels, choose your own adventures, and classical text based adventure games for dos and the Commodore Vic 20 and C64. With a smattering of other pop culture references and obscure book and movie quotes... Enjoy finding them all...

List any additional team members here.
Myself and my studio partner

List the parts of your game you or your team did NOT make. (Pre-existing assets or downloaded content)
All things are original.

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I would have never thought I would have ever ended up even considering playing a text based adventure, but I did, and I'm glad I did! Really nostalgic! I've been so spoiled by games with graphics and action that I've forgotten how fun a good text adventure can be!!


I enjoyed this :D like people have said before, it could have done with some music and sound effects - there are a few free packs out there! It would definitely have added to the atmosphere of it. Saving is incredibly useful, so thanks for that - it's fairly lengthy and I don't have time to finish now so I'll come back later!


Thanks for your feedback. We are graced to have an in house musician. There just wasn't time to experiment with the wav/ogg library I found a few days ago (and having to figure out how to pack the .ogg file into the executable...)   We will probably work on that after the end of voting. Thanks again :-)


I actually like text based games, and this one wasn't too bad. I'm really impressed that you took the time to implement save files, because not many game jam games do, and it's absolutely crucial for a game like this with a lot of reading that people may want to save for later. For being so simplistic, I wish it had a better UI, and perhaps some background music and sound effects. Just because the genre is old doesn't mean recent examples can't be more modern. Even some voice narration would be really nice, although admittedly, that adds a substantial amount of work.


Thanks for playing. All of the text adventures that I used to play had some sort of saving, so I couldn't leave that out. Your thoughts on music, sound effects and possible voice-overs were considered, but given only two days were put to the side for possible future iterations on the game. (Or for brand new games based on the engine)

What would you suggest for UI improvements? I tried to distill the most common actions in the games to as few controls as possible. I also briefly considered the whole idea of a text parser and having the player input their actions, but that also would have probably took too long to implement during a game jam. 


Actually, the gameplay options are fine as they are. I meant more along the lines of integrating them into the black text screen, rather than just being some separate OS-styled controls down at the bottom. That way somebody can set it to full screen and be really immersed.


Yeah, that is an interesting thought. I hadn't considered the idea of skinning more of the UI elements given the rush to finish. Not sure how I'd do that with the list boxes though... You've given me something interesting to think about, thank you :-)


That's one interesting story. Good thing there is save - I will continue at my leisure :D


i played this game for a bit. it is really large got some items and use them as well to progress further.
also I saw one Easter egg, is it a Bob Ross joke.


You only found one? :)


wow there seems to be a lot of content here. i played it just enough to rate it, but i'll be returning this in a bit. i don't play a lot of text adventure games so i can't say how good this game is relative to the genre but i liked the mood in this one.