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Welcome to the very first JCGJ! 

The theme is: MIX OF THREE


Pick three features from already existing games (or from one single game) and throw those into a same cooking pot. Mix, blend, shake, test and form your own version, by fading away the original idea of those features. Remember to write those  three features down somewhere, when you start working with the project. When submitting the game, remember to include the original features and games to the description!

You have 24 hours in total to develop the game! Don't over do it, try to have a clear plan how you're going to finish the game. Focus on those three features and make those as good as possible. Also reserve time for "polishing" to make the game feel like it's a small part of a bigger game, or maybe a "teaser demo" of a big title? Focus on these three topics for the development:

  1. Make three as polished features as possible.
  2. Try to make them feel original, add a personal twist to the original idea.
  3. Polish the game as much as possible! Make it feel like part of something bigger.


  • Remember to keep the design simple. The goal of the jam is to be able to complete a game and train yourself to be better for future jams and game development in general.
  • Stay focused and don't give up! Even if you don't complete your game as you intended it, it is still desirable to submit your unfinished game. The idea is to watch your progress, and give you something to compare your future work to, as well as give others encouragement or ideas for a game.
  • Ask for help if needed. (In our Discord for example: ) that would enjoy helping you if you're stuck. All you have to do is ask.
  • And most importantly, have fun! Because in the end, the product you're working with is supposed to be fun and entertaining. How could you create something like that, by not actually enjoying it?


  1. Reusing existing code and assets is allowed
  2. Use common sense for the graphics & tongue in your game what is appropriate and what is not
  3. Follow the theme
  4. Have fun!


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Local 1v1 Physics based ball action
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You only have one chance to reach the finish line! Are you ready for the challenge?
Gather followers and resources to build temples to become one deity to rule them all!
Tetris, platformer with physics
Dig your way through the level and take a breather on a bench!
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