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HEY. WHAT ARE U DOING ON MY JAM? Thats Jerry's jam!

Hey. Thanks for joining the first ever Jerry's Jam! I Jerry will send out a theme tommorow by, YT, Discord, and here! So this jam is about taking a week to make a game that follows the theme, and to have fun doing so! I cant wait to play all your games! So the winner will get thier game fully played through on my YT channel, and put on my website. Yes I know. Thats kind of a bad prize since i have no subs really... But Yea. Good luck with the jam!

Requirements: Must include phil the ghost at some point in the game.



Discord is fixed


1. Medieval
2. Magic

Hi everyone! For the first theme there is a choice. You can do both or just one.


No NSFW content, No vulgar language, you may use other assets as long as you give credit where it is due, and have fun.

Any game not following these rules will not be played or judged.

(Also sorry if i did some things wrong... First time hosting a game jam!)

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Defeat the demon lord with the power of the best weapons in the world , the Authorities.
The balls are attacking, defend yourself
Play in browser
Mage is a short and simple platformer mixing both themes of magic and a little medieval
A demo for a game about stuff