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Jerementor Game Jam!



  • You can use any piece of software (native language included) to make your game.
  • Your game should be 2D!
  • You must submit your source

What Do I Get If I Win?

  • If you win the game jam (based on everyone's vote) you will win access to every one of my courses!

What's The Criteria For The Jam?

  • Feedback (Most important, go overkill on this. Make everything have feedback.)
  • Gameplay (Make your game meaningful!)
  • Art (Make it easy on the eyes!)
  • Music (I don't expect masterpieces, but something to set the mood!)
  • SFX (This falls under Music and Feedback. Do a good job on this!)

Have fun

Good Luck!

Jeremy (Jerementor)

* PS. I may make a video on your game...

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Puzzle platformer.
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I know I didn't do it! I have to get out and prove my innocence and kill everyone that stands in my way.
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