This jam is now over. It ran from 2018-01-01 06:00:00 to 2018-02-01 05:59:59. View results

Jamuarary™ is LDG's annual game jam! The purpose of this jam is to take advantage of the time of year where we haven't given up on our dreams yet, where we say "This is the beginning of the rest of my life!", where we have all the vim and vigor to devote to making something that expresses our truest desires for our future and like a great red supergiant THAT WILL INEVITABLY DESTROY ITSELF BUT WITH A FINAL BURST OF SPECTACULAR ENERGY SHOW THE UNIVERSE QUITE LITERALLY WHAT WE ARE MADE OF!!!1! *catches breathe* *clears throat*... And to make a really sweet pun.

I really cannot wait to see what you all create, as last year was such a blast and we had so many impressive entries!
Jamuary 2017:

Theme and further details will be released at 11:59:59 PM CTS (Or as close to that as I can get...)! Get those preserves in the fridge because we are getting ready to JAM!

1st place prize currently consists of:
LDG Logo T-Shirt:
LDG DJ Raga T-Shirt:
1 - AWL Steam Key
1 - Indie Game SIM CD Key
1 - Custom digital avatar drawn by Matt Hackett of Lost Decade Games!
Previous examples:

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me here or on the LDG Discord:

(Not sure if that invite is single use only)

Update #1 11:59 CST PM:

1 - AWL 2: Soul Thief steam key added for prizes

Themes for JAMuary 2018!!

If you're having trouble deciding consider using Tyler's theme randomizer:

Choose any number (at least two):

- medic

- farm

- space

- fairy tail

- mythos

- cooking

- supernatural

- darkness

- light

- parasitic

- biology

- contagious

- chemical

- alchemy

- decisive

- trapped

- free

- rhythm

- survival

- horror

- good

- evil

- savior

- circus

- creation

- destroy

- pioneer

- home coming

- mission failure

- rescue

- elements

- ascent

- descent

- empire

- restoration

- serve

- perform

- voice

- social

- jam

- evolution

- reproduction

- courtship

- ritual

- multiply

- divide

- coordination

- synergy

- psychosis

- abundant

- superfluous

- tyranny

- beginning

- ending

- hive

- mind

- control

- leader

- follower

- amplify

- illuminate

- diesect

- anatomy

- time

- travel

- submerge

- reaction

- attraction

- assimilate

- reflection

- perception

- orbit

- disease

- marketing

- life

- death

- after life

- crime

- investigate

- invention

- colors

- labyrinth

- weakness

- strength

- pain

- shrink

- grow

- punishment

- reward

- emotion

- contain

- industry

- fantasy

- consume

- mimic

- beauty

- ugly

- deceit

- decifer 

- decoration

- divination

- trust

- betrayal


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Short game set in 1975 Vietnam
You are working in a small convenience store. It's your job to clean up the mess.
Get in, delve deep and jack out, alive.
Role Playing
A Monster College VN
Visual Novel
In this action game James and his teddy will have face evil forces in order to survive.
Beat your enemies using the right attack
2D stealth game
A metaphorical game (Beta version!)
Explore the works of German painter Paul Klee
New Version, with MUSIC ADDED! Punch those vegetables into submission and submit them to your alien overlords!!!
Hack your way into Simon says.... 3D style!
shooter, third person shooting, platform game, retro
Play in browser
Lure the rats out of the town with your mesmerizing melodies!
Play in browser
Play demo for free.
How far into the labyrinth can you go?
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