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Welcome to Jammy Jam!

What is Jammy Jam?

Jammy Jam is a Game Jam in which anyone with a free account can join. Every week at Wednesday 8PM a theme is announced on our discord server and on the community page for the jam. Participants will have a week to make a game based on the theme. Projects will be voted on and a winner will be decided. The reason of this jam is not to win ( Well Done if you do! ) but to have fun and take part!

When is Jammy Jam?

Our Game Jam is run weekly, starting and ending on Wednesday. Theme are released on our discord server at 8.00pm.

Why take part in Jammy Jam?

Game Jams give you a chance to connect with other developers and rate each others projects. You can also gain valuable skills like working under stress. Most importantly you can have  fun and be creative!

What Engine / Platform?

All engines can be used , but if you are developing a mobile game please try to publish a PC version as well! 

How is it voted?

Jammy Jam is voted by the public on 6 categories : 

Story : How good the story of your game is

Gameplay : How good your game plays and the fun level of it!

Creativity  : How creative your idea is

Graphics : How good the art and art style of the game is

Sound : How good the audio of our game is


Discord :

Twitter :

We hope you have fun developing!

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A game in a reality without reality