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Senor Banana: Citchen KhaosView game page

A zany food based 3D platformer.
Submitted by Banana Folk — 2 hours, 39 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Best Audio#43.5983.786
Best Game Play#53.6663.857
Best Visuals#83.8024.000

Ranked from 14 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I am so surprised by the way this game looks and feels. The concept is very well-created, the theme is fun, yet there is the challange. It is great to see a game with solid ground in every single aspects.

 Overall, there is nothing more I could say, other than I really loved playing your game!


Delightful theming, solid mechanics and a variety of different levels to put them to the test!

I was a little confused by the meat as a collectible and if there was any real benefit in doing so but it fit the tone and genre. 

I've no idea how you made so many assets in so little time!


A fun game. A great platformer from Tranzfuser, felt polished and had a good number of levels to play through also. I completed the game and seeing an end boss, made the game feel even more complete.

The menu screens were well done. Liked the graphics and audio. The glowing mushrooms were a nice touch (in the sewer level). The controls for this game I found impressive, I liked the variety of things in the game, the ice floors for one, in the sewer level.  The controls for this just felt right too, moving around on this did not throw me anything out of the ordinary. I was moving around on it just how I thought I should move. Which is always nice from a players perspective.

The sweet level where the custard rises, lol. Took me a good few turns but I enjoyed every bit of it. It was challenging but this is what we want in games right? Not to be always plain sailing. I had wondered if the end would be at the end of the custard route. Low and behold... yes, once I got to the top of a particularly challenging bit I saw the end of the level. So I found the level design here to be well thought out.

I did have fun playing this game, great work Banana Folk.


This is a really well put together game: solid concept, fun gameplay, lots of variation and great 3D assets! Really reminds me of Spyro. I'm not sure I 100% understood the lore/story behind why I'm a giant banana collecting lots of meat, but that doesn't really matter with this kind of game.

There were definitely some challenging (*ahem*, ragey) parts, like the rising custard level, which I spent at least 30 mins on trying to get through. Might be worth making some adjustments for all skill levels in bits like this, and then challenging more advanced players with extra collectibles/rewards for more difficult routes. Just a thought!

Overall though, your team has done an amazing job. Congrats!

- Matthew, MoonSprite


An enjoyable, all-age game with playful music and sound effects. I like when you cross the bridge and it changes to side-scroller perspective which was pretty smooth when transitioning, though the control may need a slight tweak at this point because I fell off the bridge several times and got stuck there. However, overall everything seems great.

Okay, maybe a different asset for food, it is a bit quirky with banana eating meat bone :)


Quirky, has all the elements look for in a 3D platformers.

Things i particularly liked was the level design, every thing flowed well and you never really felt lost. 

Every level also had enough variation to keep in interesting but simple and similar enough you picked it up immediately.

Also great attention to detail in terms of the HUD and UI. Only showed what you needed to see in a thematic consistent way. 


Well that was something.
Pretty competent third person platformer with your classic PlayStation kids game sort of feel to it.
Nicely challenging level design, cohesive aesthetic and sounds, controls simple but tight. Just a well executed little game about a dashing banana. Good stuff.


Well done guys! Fantastic game overall and loved the pace of the trailer aswell. 


WOW! This game is CritHit's fan favourite! The gameplay is so fun and engaging, and the music, sound effects, animation, and level design are simply phenomenal! Senor Banana is a must-play for fans of the platforming genre. The comedic style is original and the character designs are amazing! 10/10. We can't wait to see the future of this game, and you would definitely receive a purchase from us! Great job Banana Folk!

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Thank you for playing. We are really pleased you enjoyed the game :D

Connor - Banana Folk