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The last days of life
Submitted by ducktalkgames — 3 hours, 12 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Best Visuals#44.4294.429
Best Game Play#73.4293.429
Best Audio#131.7621.762

Ranked from 21 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Love how sombre the aesthetic of this game is despite having a cutesy pixel style. The story narrative is engaging and is fun to do different things when replaying the game. Not usually my style of gameplay, but the story and the message it carries is enough to give it some time. Really great job!


This is incredible! I absolutely love the 3d pixel fusion, it looks beautiful and the gameplay is very solid and polished, but very upset over the death of my watered plants haha! As you'll see in the VOD I was very attached to the main character, and super interested to know what would happen in the story and where it would go. I didn't manage to play through again, but reading other comments there's different outcomes which is wonderful. Super great job on this, well done!!

Improvements? Save my plant bois :p And sound, please! Music could go with or without, but sound effects would really elevate it!

You can find my first (and more in-depth) thoughts on my channel here if you'd like!:) (I'll update with a new link once the VOD expires).

Gosh, so many people are super upset about the plants... the funny thing is... the plant saviour text is coded in, but set to happen when John waters them every single day. Unfortunately though, I completely forgot he sacrifices one day for himself! John got the better of me there but I'll try and revisit this and code the plants being watered for 6 days instead of 7.


The whole idea behind the game is so deep. Eventhough it looks simple, it carries a very strong message! The whole theme looks fine and the gameplay itself is not very interesting, but for me the idea compensates for everything!

 The thing that I love the most in this game jam, is the different approach every team has taken, and yours is truly unique! Keep the good work!


Loved the 8-bit style. From the start the story gripped me. I liked the models included in the game. I played through the whole game, as I was keen to see how the main character would turn out.
The variety of objects that could be interacted with I found satisfying. I had wanted to go back to them each day to see how my progression would pan out with each object that was interactable. The ending to the game left me pleased reading how the story panned out for the main character. I have a feeling that depending on what occurs in the game, the outro text changes depending on how the player behaved leading up to the end of the game. I was not able to hear any audio for the game during my playthrough. Overall, I had an enjoyable time playing this game. Well done on your entry DuckTalkGames.


This looks incredible with a consistent aesthetic and lots of funny details.

I think the premise is particularly novel although it did feel a bit simple mechanically, the tasks themselves might benefit from some type of minigame that increase in difficulty day to day or perhaps some daily events that the player has to deal with.

Keep it up!


This is a great idea! thankyou for the feedback :)


One of the great strength this game has is its art style- I've always loved pixel art especially combined with 3D models. Combined with the narrative it makes for a depressing but stellar art direction. I think a good ambience should be used here to heighten the tension.  Good work Ducktalkgames.


Wow, this was unexpectedly emotional! The art style is pretty unique, I loved(/hated) how the character slowly changed over the course of the week. Made me want to start writing my book again, and also maybe barricade the windows in advance so I'd have time to finish it. The dialogue was really quite deep and hit home.

My only grievance is that my plants died! I went thirsty every day but one for them to live.

- Matthew, MoonSprite


A nice polished game, I have to say. I like the number of details being put into this game like how the character slowly changes as time passes. There is no background music, but honestly, I don't think it is necessary when you immerse yourself into the texts, though adding a few sound effects would be nice such as the sound of playing guitar and watering flower.


Cool concept, an enjoyable if sad little narrative. Ruined by the fact it said he never watered the plants so they died despite me watering them EVERY DAY NO MY PLANTY BOIS! Didn't get any sound if there was supposed to be? Pretty polished overall though with good art style, nice and consistent, low fidelity but still detailed. Good work!

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This is hands down my favorite of your games, I would love to see you guys develop this idea further it has huge potential.


Loved the art style in this game, cute consistent, and had a lot of character.

The game itself was also fun and almost relaxing, it's great playing games about doing good self-betterment instead of always killing something (ironic coming from my team I know).  Also ties in really well with the theme.

Overall I'd, love a mobile version of this as an idle game where you check up on him doing his tasks in real-time. 

Well done. 

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This is really cool. I love the art-style and the dialogue is really witty and well done.

I really hope someone creates a cure so that John can finally learn to play the guitar. :D

Connor - Banana Folk


Super enjoyable experience! We loved that the player has freedom of choice in what they do! The dialogue was written very well and the end was satisfying! Also great replayability value! Unfortunately, we were unable to hear any audio at all, even after running several times :(


Hey CritHit! Thanks for the kind words! Unfortunately we didn't have enough time or any members available to implement audio, but it's definitely something we would be looking to add in the future!


We can't wait to replay the game when you guys have more time to implement audio. BIT was a very enjoyable game! It definitely has potential!