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Narrative stealth game about spirits trapped in art pieces.
Submitted by Laughing Tree, Zain, Michael-Orchard, LoPDasRuleZ, Cyprotic, christopher-buss, O37 — 1 hour, 9 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Best Game Play#102.2542.462
Best Audio#111.9732.154
Best Visuals#112.6072.846

Ranked from 13 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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A very interesting concept! The combination between the simple, yet challenging gameplay, and the interesting art style, gave me great experience while playing the game! The whole theme of art museum is really satisfying.

There are features which cause minor discomfort, such as the misdirected camera in the beginning. I had to lose the game 5-6 times in order to understand what is going on and how to play the game. Also the security cameras could be indicated more clearly, because I had very hard time finding the right path to the end.

 Overall, a great game with great potential!



Playing this gave me the sweats!? Lol. I was ever mindful of where the guard was on his patrol. At first, I was waiting for the game to start then realised I had to move the mouse in order to jump into the game, a small observation. The scenery was colourful, the artwork was pleasing to see (this came from all the team I believe right). Great to see. The sfx were fitting although I noticed there was not any music during my playthrough. I can guess this to be trickier to capture for a stealth game. I completed the game and had a fun experience playing it. Well done with creating the game.


I heard the 3D modeller for the game is incredibly handsome 


I like the environment with those paintings around and the lightings and shadows. They look nice. I dont understand how the stealth mechanics work though because I got caught several times but from the screen, the security guard didn't catch up with me. Does that mean I cannot be seen at all? 


If the guard didn't catch you, perhaps you ran into a camera? I know I didn't get time to explain the game fully at the start of it. The red lights are where the cameras can see.


Interesting concept, I do like a good stealth game. However, I did encounter a few issues, the most prevalent of which being that I got caught before I knew the game started a number of times, due to the camera facing into a pitch black corridor on spawn. 

The premise is cool and the low poly aesthetic is nice. However, I would have preffered some more player feedback and on screen information, as I often did not know what was interactable or that cameras could be switched etc without walking into every surface.

Cool prototype though, shows some real potential.

Connor - Banana Folk 


I like the premise and level decorations. 

But personally, I wasn't able to make it very far after quite a few attempts. I feel that there was a lack of visual indication of when you're were in the light of sight of the guard and not.

I think if the user feedback was clearer this would be a really good heist game.

Good job on submitting


I wasn't sure whether the guard needed a light coming out of his face like the cameras. There's different pluses and minuses to visually indicating vision cones, I felt like it was necessary for the static cameras but I thought it made more sense to have the guard be more ambiguous to seem at least somewhat human. I would really have liked to have time to give proper indications to the player of what you can do but I ended up having to focus on getting other core features working. Thanks for the feedback!


Very good use of lighting and the 3D assets look great! The gameplay is fun (and tense!) and the user feedback helps to understand where the enemy is. Nice puzzle elements and good narrative too! Great job!