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The Last Flight of Captain NimbusView game page

Dodge bullets and dash through enemies in a city above the clouds
Submitted by Glitterbeard, PlasticFrames (@PlasticFrames), JimmyMac_Creates — 3 hours, 5 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Best Visuals#54.1254.125
Best Audio#63.2503.250
Best Game Play#83.2503.250

Ranked from 16 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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А game with a very unique mechanic. Your project looks very promising, as it could become a great game by enhancing all the components around the teleportation. At this point the game has anything on base levels - a unique mechanic, working enemies, nice models with a theme that you set well and of course I could not miss the music, which perfectly fits the theme. 

 Overall, your project has a lot of potential if developed in the right direction. I fell in love with the teleportation mechanic.


I liked the gameplay mechanic for this game. The graphics were colourful and well made, i liked audio for the game too and nice to see all of this had been included for the game. The UI I liked too. The enemies included in the game showed a nice variety. For example, the smaller enemy type would evolve into a similar enemy but with a second layer. The level design was fun to move around and the enemies posing as threats worked well I felt. With them shooting at the player. I could not play more than 2 levels as when I reached the end of level 2 it looped back to the start again of the same level. All in all, a delightful experience I had playing this game. Very nice work Glitterbeard.

Very cute!! Lovely visuals and sound make for a great atmosphere, and the gameplay is fun and it's very easy to see how it would be adapted into more complex levels. Nicely done!!


The environment looks amazing, grabs you're attention. Sound is great- I love the trumpets especially - building up to make the world feel more grandiose 

Enemy AI works and targets player 

Teleportation mechanic is awesome 

Character looks great 

unfortunately not much to do- for me there was no way to advance you're stuck there  no menu will continue to play to update this review if any changes. 


I loved the dashing mechanic, also the art style is phenomenal. Couldn't load in the third level though, which is a shame, cause I really wanted to keep playing on. Fun game!


I really enjoyed the dash mechanics and also the knock back when hitting stuff that felt very nice. 

The simple sound track also quite fit the gameplay presented.

I think my main issue is that there isn't really an incentive or reason, why I should defeat the enemies. Don't get me wrong destroying the enemies are fun, but as there isn't really a true penalty or limitation to how many dashes you can use. The is no sense of urgency, so it gets a little old after a while. 

But then again I had the bug where the 2nd or third level kept being reloaded, so unsure whether or not you added more complexity or limitations in the later levels. 

But the game was fun, interesting and looked great.

Well done. 


Nice environment with beautiful visuals. The sound and music go well together with the aesthetics. Everything looks nice. On the other hand, colliders may need to be improved as I occasionally bumped straight into the assets and eventually fell from the ground. However, it is still good work!


Very nice looking, cool concept for a character's abilities. Seems to load a third level after completing the second then just loads the second again? There's also an odd blurriness to the character when he runs that hurts my eyes a bit. Also found I was able to walk through walls. Good effort, potential here.


Great graphics and sounds, with fun dash mechanic. Generally had fun, just wish it lasted longer than 2 levels, maybe there could be also an tutorial/help bit? :)

Nice idea, the blink  mechanic is cool however, I encountered many bugs with collisions and blinking.

Movement was on the sluggish side for the style of gameplay. 

Visuals are nice however, I feel that this game could be better formatted in a fast paced platformer style than a "kill all the enemies" style.

Overall nice concept though, shows promise.

Connor - Banana Folk 


Beautiful looking game, love the assets! The player's objective is not quite clear, but the mechanics are still interesting!

Pretty game, but hard to play play because of bugs