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A Souls/Rogue-like fast paced boss-rush top down shooter where you steal the abilities of your enemies.
Submitted by JawByte — 2 days, 21 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Best Game Play#44.1674.167
Best Audio#53.5563.556
Best Visuals#73.9443.944

Ranked from 18 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Wow!!!!! This was an insanely fun game to play, very polished experience and incredible art. It really feels like a game that could be released as is with the addition of more levels! I loved having the choice of weapon, as well as the unique experience against each boss. The hazy filter looked great, and I very much appreciate having music and sound (as well as the detailed settings!).

For improvements I'd say that the weapons need balancing a little more, red laser staff seems the obvious best choice after playing with them all:)

Thank for getting in touch! I know you've seen it, but here's a link to the VOD with our first impressions for reference!:) (I'll update with a new link once the VOD expires).


A great roguelike experience! The game is very fun to play. For me, the part, which really makes the game interesting, are the various choices the player has to make. Deciding what kind of weapon you want, what kind of upgrades (I did not really understand what stats the different upgrades are for) and of course, where  do you want to go and which bosses to face, all decisions matter. 

 The game reminds me of "The Binding of Isaac" (one of my favourite games) for its gameplay, which is simple, yet entertaining. The lack of unnececary UI makes the experience even greater and with just a little story put in the mix, you could have a really good game. The features included in the settings, such as graphics, screen mode and controls (for keyboard/ mouse and controller) are making the game feel even more complete. 

 One of the things that I really appreciate is the fact that you have designed different bosses, with different attacks, which makes the player learn how to adapt differently in every level.

 One of the things that concern me is the balance of the weapons (a minor thing). When I played the game, I chose to use the magical wand. The bosses were too easy as I was spamming the shield and they could not touch me.

 The other thing that really made me confused was the music as I appreciated the fact that there was different piece  for every level, but I did not really understand how it helped the theme of the bosses. And on the other hand, it somehow made the experience feel different.

Overall, very good game with strong concept and execution.


Thank you very much for playing and writing such a thoughtful and detailed review.

Very happy you picked that up, we intentionally wanted to keep everything vague and up for the player to decide and experiment to figure out the best course of action. Or at least find out what course of action they found the most interesting. 

Also glad that our focus on minimal UI was received well. 

It's very encouraging to us as a team when someone just gets what we were going for. 

Game balancing is also a top priority for the post-jam version as we want all weapons to be an interesting and viable choice.

And for music, we tried to have music that fit the nature of each boss, but I do admit we didn't have much time to find or make more appropriate music for the individual boss that also contributed to the theme as a whole. One thing I would love to do is to find a musician to do exactly that. Perhaps if we ever make it into a full commercial game that would be a big area of the budget. 

But once again thank you for playing the game and glad that you enjoyed our experience. 


Super robust, cleverly designed and particularly well scoped! 

I really enjoyed trying different weapons against different bosses and offering one of the three attacks as powerups is a great idea. 

I did find the red staff a little overpowered compared to the sword and bow, particularly because it allows continuous DPS when used correctly, and I would have liked a reminder of the three power-ups before selecting them but excellent work nonetheless.

I'd also be remiss if I didn't commend the overall looping structure and distinct music for each encounter!


Thanks for the positive Feedback.

We have been made aware of the balancing issues. Hopefully, we will be able to push some sliders around to make each weapon feel worthwhile and fix that continuous sfx. 

We also have plans to better describe the powerups in a similar fashion as 'Hollow Knight' 

As keeping them undescribed was initially a design choice, that we now have found that most people did not appreciate in the sense we wished for. 

But very happy that our core design principles were solid and that you enjoyed your gaming experience. 


Sound is Badass - but it can get annoying when hitting enemy repeatedly with staff, animations are great, kind of felt like the objects or cover should break after sustaining some damage.  I enjoy the rewards you get after killing enemies but I don't know what the reward does, kind of felt like there should have been more spacing- more enemy minions to prepare for the boss.  Aside from that the boss fights are different from each other and it makes for an action packed and exciting experience. 


Glad that overall you enjoyed the experience.

Great feedback on the annoying hit SFX, I will look into that. 

The obstacles should actually break, they have quite a bit of health though as they used to break really early in the boss fight during testing.  But if you never experienced that, there may be a bug. So glad you brought it to my attention so I can look into that or just balance them a bit more. 

In regards to spacing I agree that it would be a great thing to have (already have some ideas) and others have mentioned something similar. 

If we ever decide on developing the game further than just a post-jam version, we will definitely try and implement more stages to build up to the actual boss fight. 

Great feedback and again thanks for playing and rating our game.


This is sick! The boss waves were awesome, it’s pretty impressive how each one feels like they’re varied enough to belong in the game. I really felt the difficulty curve pushed me to keep wanting to try and take them down, with my skills increasing as a played more. The art and sense of atmosphere added to the mystery of the dungeons too.

My main bit of advice - the controller cursor not moving relative to the character made it difficult at times to see where to aim. Other than that, I think you have a really solid experience. It’s pretty difficult to fault!


Thanks for playing and happy you enjoyed it.

The controller support will be at the top of our focus post-jam .


Really cool theme created by the artstyle and the audio matched it nicely.  Although I wish the boss drops were explained, the different unique weapons made up for that though.


Thanks for playing and the feedback.

 Glad we managed to balance the issue overall to make the experience good enough. 


Great artstyle, cool bossfights, dope and detailed menu,fitting music and great combat system. What else is to ask for? The only things that I was missing was a healthbar or an indicator for the player health, and I also wasn't sure what those pickup objects would do after a defeated boss. But these are minor details. Well done JawByte!


Thanks for the great feedback. 

Hopefully, we can address the issues you did have post-jam to make it an overall better experience.


Great art, atmosphere, enemy types. Each enemy having different characteristics also gave them depth. The music fitted well. I couldn’t help but spot areas of polish through my playthrough so well done with this too. Nice work!


we really appreciate your comments. And it feel great that you noticed and acknowledged even the little details. 

Thank you


Good stuff. Staff op tho?


Cheers, the staff do go hard. 

Will Nerf


It's a very neat game with nice art and animation. Everything feels smooth. It is however a bit hard though, especially with the bow weapon. I felt that the weapons were slightly unbalanced; personally, I prefer the staff over others. 


that's really good feedback you're the first one to comment that the weapons felt unbalanced. I personally thought so too but good that you could confirm.

Our goal was to create 3 unique play styles, but I   do feel that the staff is the superior one. (Personally I found the sword the most fun one)

Glad you liked our game though. The feed back is valued and will be considered for the post jam patch.


Nice bosses with just enough different and just enough the same so that you can transfer learned logic between them but they each have distinct character. Sometimes it felt like the inputs were not so crisp, like the wait time between shooting the bow's charge shot and being able to start the next one, and choosing between red purple and yellow orbs isn't really a meaningful choice when you have no information... It did accomplish the core of the genre and present a nice challenge that I had fun learning and beating in not too much time. Cool pixel art too. Good stuff.


I am happy you liked it and even Beat it (Well done). Your critique is fair and valued. I think in some aspect we were tk rigid in our design decisions, or just didn't have enough time to polish it fully. 

But we are already planning a post jam patch to hopefully fix all those errors, implement useful feedback (like yours) to try and create a finished standalone game.

Thanks for playing.


A very slick visual style with a lot of polish. The gamejuices felt just right but I found the power-ups a little unintuative. 


Overjoyed  that you liked the game. A few have pointed out how the power ups didn't feel super intuitive or meaningful due to lack of communication.

We are reading that feed back and will hopefully post a v1.2 post jam to make the game as good as possible. 

fun, challenging, gameplay. Controls felt odd on controller with the targeting. Power-ups felt confusing as there was no indication of what they did. good game


Glad you found the gameplay challenging but fun. It was what we aimed for. 

Sorry about the gamepad controls, we really wanted to make that work as well as the keyboard controls for the final game. Something to patch post-jam definitely.

I can see why you felt the powerups confusing, our aim was to add replay value and to the sense of mystery of the game world. By not explicitly telling the player how to play the game, but allow them to experiment with different routes, figure out what each powerup did by themselves, and then combine all their knowledge from previous attempts to decide on the optimum build and path to take. 

But for a jam, i can definitely see that might have been a little overly amitious. 

(1 edit)

Really fun gamepley, took me a little while to get the controls but I don't play many top down games like this.

In terms of criticism I feel that the powerup functions could be better indicated

I feel that the game could benefit from a weapon cooldown meter for weapons such as the laser wand or Bow secondary.

On the whole good fun and I could see this being developed into a full game with elements such as proceduarally generated levels before each boss. Awesome work!  

Connor - Banana Folk


Really good feedback, the gamepad controls weren't as tight as they should have been (we didn't test enough).

We tried to avoid doing any excess UI so we really scratched our heads how to best display the cooldowns. We decided to go with a visual and auditory prompt to show it. But in the end, we didn't manage to put that in. Definitely something for v1.2 :).

Again thanks for playing our game. Looking forward to try all the other games over the weekend when we have time.


Great and consistent art style, love the music and sound effects! Gameplay is fun!


Couldn't wish for any better feedback, Thanks a lot for playing. Looking forward to sit down and try your entry later this weekend.