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Jump, Build and Date, quite suddenly.
Submitted by MoonSprite, Pip (Agapios Kokkos), RS_Games, Lunalchemy (@AtelierAni), haidock, DreamGuru — 4 hours, 2 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Best Game Play#14.5234.523
Best Audio#14.5234.523
Best Visuals#24.7734.773

Ranked from 44 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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This was a ride haha! The variety of game styles was very fun and I was very pleasantly shocked when it (spoilers) became a dating sim!! The art is really great, and I loved that you linked your accounts in the credits. BIG points for having sound:)

I do think the third sim section was the strongest part of the game, the platformer felt a little clunky and the tower defense kettle noise was too loud and prevalent! They were cute, but the most polished part was definitely the sim. Great story and dialogue, I was very absorbed by trying to get a date with Mayne hehe.

You can find my first (and more in-depth) thoughts on my channel here if you'd like!:) (I'll update with a new link once the VOD expires).


Heya! I was the main writer / designer for the group. 

I'm really glad to hear that you enjoyed our game and I'm super glad you liked the dating sim as it finished with roughly 10k words. I believe during the stream you had commented that the writer didn't have english as their first language, which isn't true, I'm just dyslexic with a passion for writing and story telling. 


Woah! So much creativity in one place. From the decision to implement different game genres, to the unique art style, this game is great! I would like to congratulate you for your bravery to use such unique style when creating your project!


What a bizarre experience, in a good way!

I love the art and little details like the volume sock. The switching was a good surprise and kept me invested however I would have liked a little more carry over between the genres or some sort of justification.

Either way, amazing work in such a short time.


Loved this so much! Really into the variety of gameplay, and paired with the adorable art and great writing, it makes a super fun experience overall <3 Would honestly play a longer version of this in a heartbeat (ps i would die for 'rude little goblin' Zip)


cute very cute, good game combining three different games in one! i like how the art stays consistent for a cohesive experience.  


Very cute game! Overall I loved the quirky nature and was great for a quick pick up and play with its easily recognizable controls that didn't need a tutorial. I loved the humour strung throughout all the levels and kept the consistent theme. Really great job guys!


So to start with my review, the gameplay:
I liked the gameplay and was a little surprised when it changed to something else (Suddenly, indeed). but other than a few moments here and there to acquaint myself to that I found it all simple enough. I liked that for the platformer that you can use the WASD keys, the arrow keys and the space bar to move the character. The tower defence came as a sudden surprise for me at first but I managed to complete it (although I did much better in my second playthrough) and found it to be alright for how short it was and with only being able to access two towers that constantly go up in price when you buy them, it did however take me a bit longer to notice that I had to collect money with my mouse.  The dating sim part was nicely done as well, I feel it managed to capture the feel of a dating sim/visual novel rather well, and although I did not managed to get a date in my first playthrough (mostly out of curiosity to see what would happen and a little bit due to my own failure to gather hearts) I do feel that it gave a rather positive message that people should playthrough and see for themselves, very heart-warming and wholesome. And I enjoyed the credits as well, I feel it may be some primal part of me that likes seeing hearts appear when I click my mouse... I clicked it a lot. In conclusion, 4.5/5 stars for gameplay but that's just due to the parts I had to acquaint myself to in my initial playthrough.

Now, onto visuals:
I liked the visuals a lot.  I found them to be quite cute from the very first level. The platformer was all around cute and pretty from background to foreground. The tower defence was also really cute, although I personally wasn't a big fan of the background but thought it was alright. The dating sim looked very pretty and I enjoyed how the backgrounds and characters looked. All together a very cute game, 5/5 stars for the art.

And finally, the audio:
I liked the game audio, I feel it matched each part of the game well enough. The music when the game starts was very nice for an introduction to the game. The music for the platformer worked well for it in my opinion (made me think of a café or something similar) and the jumping and collection of keys sounded the way they would have in my mind for this type of game so I liked that and finally the sound on a life loss works well for me with how noticeable and solid it sounds. I liked the music in the tower defence section, it was a fun tune and the towers sounded appropriate for what they were (even if I personally thought the kettle was a little loud) and the sound on being damaged again fit well.  The music for the cutscenes worked well and when it was used in the dating sim part I felt it fit well, I especially like how much more quite and in the background it was in comparison to the cutscenes as it made it feel different in a way and matched what I thought a dating sim/visual novel may have. The small sound effects for the this part was also quite well done and matched this part of the game well and the music that plays when you don't get a date in this section is lovely. I also liked the music during the credits. All in all, 5/5 stars for the audio.

In conclusion:
I really liked it, it was an interesting series of games all wrapped up into a single one. I feel any one of these could become their own thing and still be quite entertaining if expanded but having them all together provided a nice experience as it is. Taken all together it would be a 5/5 star game. Good job on the game, it was a fun experience and I feel I would play it more in future and good luck with any future projects any one of you end up doing.




Hi Daniel, thanks very much for playing our game and for the thorough feedback. This will be valuable for us who made the game to look at regarding changes/improvements here and there. I am happy to hear that you liked the gaming experience as a whole. Thank you for playing.


Really great game, Visuals are engaging and pleasant to the eyes with characters that were genuinely interesting and fun. Gameplay was smooth and didn't feel out of place whilst jumping between genres. Had a real "No Time To Explain" vibe that I really enjoyed. Really impressive work guys!


loved the fusion of tower defence, dating sites and platforms!


Pretty good, the platformer section took a little bit to get a feel for, but the story was engaging and the art was pleasing to look at. Played through it twice to try different paths, and definitely going to play it again for completions sake.


Gameplay: The platforming and the tower defence part of the game they were nice, but considering that the game was mostly a dating sim, they felt a bit out of place,i'd have liked to see either more consistency, or more variety. There are some "quality of life" things i'd have really enjoyed having, like seeing the previously spoken line when making a choice or the platformer physics being less "slidy". But i mostly enjoyed my experience, and it was very fun , so i can't really complain... 4/5

Visuals: The tower defense scene it feels a bit dull without any standing out decorations, but OMG THIS ART IS SOO CUTE!! A well deserved 5/5 <3

Sounds: The various music are also cute, they have the good balance between standing out and sitting back and letting the gameplay take place. 4/5

Good Job With The Game Guys!! It Turned Out Really Well!! (^u^)


This was so fun! And the latter part was so damn funny and wholesome. Thanks for the great game!


Aww thank you so much.
It warms my soul to hear someone enjoyed my writing.


Great game . I  enjoyed it <3


I never played any dating games before.. and Suddenly I want to play this over again just to see the different reactions. Awesome art, music, gameplay, story. Only the platformer segment in the beginning was a bit hard to control, but everything else is fantastic. PS. Any chance to see the cool dog picture with sunglasses?^-^


"the cool dog picture with sunglasses"
That is a dangerous quest that you're on.


What I cute game.

Really impressed that you managed to achieve the core gameplay feature of each genre and make them play relatively if not very well.

I did find the hit boxes on the platformer rather large, and movement a bit slippery.

The art is very cute, with a matching story and eveything just looks in place. Especially when you are greeted with such an impressive main menu. 

Enjoyed the game well done. 

P.S Mayne is best boy.


Hello JawByte. Yeah, I felt it would be a challenge making a multi-genre game but in the end, we managed to get to what we were aiming for. We appreciate the feedback and can look to address any issues post-event. Once it is alright for us to do so. The teams' artists will be pleased to hear their work being admired. Thanks for playing our game.


Splendid effort with making a multi-genre game which isn't easy. The weakest point was the platforming movement which had me feeling I was fighting the controls because the jump was too fast and the sliding to the movement was very irritating. I was not expecting a tower defence but there we go. I had fun bullying anime boys until you curveballed me with being thrown out an airlock curse you! Luckily I still had time to teach blue boy poetry and drag him along.
Well done.


It was a really fantastic game to play, I loved every minute of it. The different styles of games I was unsure of at first, but they really complimented each other throughout the linear narrative. I enjoyed the overall story with one of my favourite parts being the great choice of word play and dialogue "human pain" got me. The art is honestly great and cute (even the teacher if you take off your glasses). 
The only problems I had, but they are maybe more of a me problem. At the start I did think the text vanished a bit fast and I didn't get to read it all (I'm sort of a slow reader), which is also why I liked the click to proceed nature of the dating sim. The only other problem I had, but again, I don't know if that is a me problem and being bad at platforms, is on some of the 'jump to' platforms it seemed a bit slippery and I kept falling off (I got there in the end after countless deaths). ^^
Half way through the tower defence, I didn't realise you had to mouse over the coins to collect them, so I felt dumb there, but it was a very fun section to play.
The dating sim...I didn't get a date...I'm unlikeable and as normal as Mayne it seems. Though that was also a very enjoyable part and I loved it a lot.

I'm off to play it again, so I can find someone who will like me and maybe be better at the platforming section ^^



It's so funny, the gameplay is on point, the art is cute af, and the different modes are really cool. Only real gripe would be that the platforming is a bit slippery at the start but that's more of a nitpick.

I didn't get a date :( ... But I did make friends with the Teacher :D ....That is oddly similar to my real high school experience haha.

Amazing work!

Connor - Banana Folk


Well Well Well! What a game! I love how there are different gamemodes, but dating simulator felt definietly longest. Anyways, it provided me big fun! Love the play on word 'Suddenly' :) Also the storyline is nice. Great job!


Thank you so much. Your kind words are appriated. <3


What a rollercoaster of emotions and gameplay! The artwork is fantastic and the different game modes are refreshing and keep the player engaged at all times. Audio suits the game very well and is not repetitive. Really nice experience! #BrennIsBestBoy.


Hi CritHit, thanks very much for trying our game out. Much appreciated your kind words and compliments with aspects of our game. Thanks for playing.

Submitted (1 edit)

Your welcome, was an absolute pleasure to play! Have you tried out Neo-Runner yet? If not, we would appreciate it if you could give us a shot and rating too! :D

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