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A jam entry

Back Of My MindView game page »

Uncover the sinister conspiracy hidden within a steampunk mansion
Submitted by LoadedTeaspoon with 51 minutes, 34 seconds before the deadline


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mbarbosa · 89 days ago

Original and fun

stevenr8 · 91 days ago

Stylistically, very cool, and I love a good puzzle.

Cheesypoof · 91 days ago

Lovely little game; great aesthetic, lovely narrative, I actually sunk about 30 minutes into this; incredibly impressive that it was made during a Jam!

JustinP · 93 days ago

Lovely bit of genre twisting and great overall aesthetic.

mestrehuya · 93 days ago

Great level design and artwork, managed to represent the steampunk setting quite well. Nice work!

FrailRealities · 93 days ago

Good work team - liked the look and the feel of the game

matfab · 93 days ago

Liked all the plot and design!

ShuBea · 93 days ago

Interesting storyline, very creative and fun to play. Looking forward to seeing more developed games in future.

CP · 93 days ago

Excellent game, quite challenging. High tension with an intriguing story and pleasant art design, keep it up!

macromaker · 112 days ago

it is okay that we won because of alternate accounts it is within the rules

this is what it takes to make it in industry ;-

aenever (View their submission) · 113 days ago

Well done.

Hi, robotbob :). I noticed you addressed me particularly. As my teammate said we are a team and we participated in other contests in this sort of formula as well. We are all part of a Game Design course and we are all encouraged to share our work with the community to show that we are active developers because we want to enter the industry. As stated before and in the credits we each had a role : the artist- myself, the programmer- Oscar, the writer- Aimee, the composer -Joseph. So yes, we do have some sort of following if you will, people who are interested in what we do, but we also want genuine feedback because we want to be in this industry in the future, and we did encourage people to be honest about what they liked and disliked abut the game because at the end of the day that is what helps us improve.

Hi robotbob, we are a small team of students yes, none of us had the time to work on the project from the start to the finish but we all chipped in some work towards it. As for the votes a lot of our colleagues, family, lecturers etc. were interested to see what we'd been working on, and as far as i'm aware voting isn't limited to people in the contest, so they likely come from those, possibly also the same for "BadDoge." We did encourage people to play and comment if they could since feedback is very important to us, and a lot of the comments have been helpful and accurate.

robotbob · 116 days ago

Strange that your game has so many people voting and the game by 'BadDoge' considering that there are only 34 entrants?

robotbob · 116 days ago

Hi Ioana, I just wondering was your game a collective effort? I checked out your twitter site and the impression I got was that you're apart of a team? Cool game, very talented artwork.

41blackie · 116 days ago

Clever game from a clever developer! Love the theme. It has a lot of potential and I'd love to see some of the ideas developed more in the future.

Aver (View their submission) · 117 days ago

Much work was put into it and I appreciate that.

CoolToneGrey · 119 days ago

I like this game, I played it a lot. I managed to gather all the evidence the story is quite spooky (as you would probably not expect form the way it looks). It looks good and the characters are interesting and funny although they were kinda small, the music is on point. That being said this game is not perfect, although quite interestingly written and pretty, it has it's fair share of bad aspects. Navigation is difficult and bouncy, it takes a while to get used to it and based on how you don't have enough time to gather everything this is quite frustrating. Also there is a bug, that sometimes prevents you from picking up evidence. The tutorial is sometimes super detailed and sometimes just kinda lets you guess, that can be frustrating too. Overall I like it, good horror, nice story, nice concept but it could use some polish.

sutchy92 · 119 days ago

Brilliant game! Design and characters are great.

simple · 119 days ago

Great game! Clearly very well thought out and I loved the art and design.

Cheesypoof · 120 days ago

Great little game, very satisfying to play and looks wonderful.

ratbag1 · 121 days ago

Very pretty. I'm not very speedy but there doesn't seem to be enough time to finish the game.

Thank you all for the comments and feedback :) Sorry about the bouncing, it was put in to prevent the character sticking to walls in their walking animation, but making the corridors larger would have helped a lot as well. And the idea was that the player should figure out some of it for themselves and replay it a few times, but our tutorial probably could have done with being a little more thorough.

OPisademigod · 122 days ago

I really enjoyed this game it has a very unique feel, and the in-game puzzles are nicely integrated. Maybe one thing that could be better is the tutorial mechanisms to orient the player. But perhaps the game is supposed to be tricky and reward you for figuring it out yourself. Keep up the good work

Dave C (View their submission) · 123 days ago

This was definitely quite original, interesting concept. The movement of the players was a little bouncey and the hit box too big which made navigating a little less fun than it could have been.

frot · 123 days ago

Fiendishly difficult but enjoyable, nice puzzles too!!!!

awatchedkettle · 123 days ago

100% Nice.

dogshitlover · 123 days ago

Addictive to say the least

PencilNotPen · 123 days ago

A neat little game and very original. I like the artwork especially and the gameplay is well thought out, well done

Nescafe · 123 days ago

Really original character ideas and stunningartwork. Play this game. It's great!!

If you may have troubles with the poetry mini-game ( as I discovered is not very well explained ) left click on the words in italic to discover a hidden message within the poem. Also, If you are not successful in getting all evidence in one play through, the application saves the evidence as long as the application is not closed.

mbarbosa · 124 days ago

Brilliant, great artwork!

mestrehuya · 126 days ago

Amazing artwork! The steampunk theme looks great and blends well with the setting and gameplay, In love with the four characters and how you can switch between them.

Nice artwork, and I like how you can switch between the different characters.

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