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Move itch.io's jam to when?

A topic by leafo created Aug 23, 2016 Views: 1,876 Replies: 30
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EDIT: The jam is on hold for the time being, more information here: https://itch.io/jam/itch-dare/topic/44096/jam-on-h...

Ludum Dare is going to be hosted by sorceress on the Ludum Dare site this upcoming weekend (sans voting). I still like the idea of itch.io hosting a jam but I don't think it really makes sense for us to have it at the same time if Ludum Dare will be running (mostly) as normal.

Instead I've decided to repupose itch dare into itch.io's own jam. This topic is to talk about when and what itch.io jam should be. For now I've moved the jam 1 month from now, but consider that date temporary as we figure out the details.

At this point it's still in planning stage. I'd love to do something interesting, or bizarre, or anti-jam. Share your ideas here. Alternatively, if you think moving it is a mistake, and it should be held at the same time as Ludum Dare, make your case!

Since this jam will also have nothing to do with Ludum Dare anymore I think it needs a new name, suggestions welcome.

Thanks for your feedback in advance!

(also sorry about that test email you got)

No worries about the test, and re-purposing the dare jam is a good idea. Ensures there is no confusion.


That's all fine :)

However, I have a suggestion for you / maybe even this itch dare … Which I think is a major flaw in Ludum Dare, and will always be, even if PoV manages to prevent abuse of the voting system. It's a double-blind jam:

People create their game anonymously, with no obvious logos, names, etc, and submit it as such. Talking about the specifics of your game before the voting phase is over disqualifies you. After the competition is over it's okay, obviously. In the voting stage, people vote on games, once again, without knowing whose it is. Blogging / talking about interesting finds might be okay to increase visibility? I dunno.

Point is, the names you find as 'winners' of whichever LD are always kinda similar. People come to expect good games from the winners, even if they aren't. The names themselves bring additional visibility. I don't want to sound butthurt (and indeed I can't complain about my placements at all) … But I think this would give everybody a much more balanced and fair chance. I know it takes away a bit of the community involvement … Although maybe the community would try to venture guesses or would be excited to reveal the names when the winners are chosen.

Instead, it's more about serious competition (which is not always best for jams) that is harder to abuse – which might make it more tempting as a contest / attract sponsors?

Just an idea. :)


anon jam is a nice twist. Taking it a step further, I wonder if there are developers that are ever held up working on an idea because they don't really want to show it off next to their other projects, maybe they want a stress free way to work an idea that has a high chance of failing? That would mean that the owners are never revealed though.

Ah yes … Authors could choose whether to reveal their name at the end or not. Reminds me of Alan Smithee in movies (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Smithee) – the pseudonym used by a director when they aren't happy with the final product but it is released anyway. Anyway, I don't know if people would be actually interested in this … Could that be hosted on itch.io at some point?


I really like this idea. Perhaps each user could have a randomly generated pseudonym?

The only problem is that a lot of people like to stream/tweet/blog/etc about their development process, and this would make that pretty much impossible. But, it would definitely make the itch jam much different from LD, which I'd see as a good thing.

This is a really great idea, but getting everyone to remain absolutely silent about their games sounds like a nightmare to organize and oversee! I wonder to what degree people would be able to guess the author of anonymously submitted games, based on style or theme interpretation. There are at least a few people I can think of whose games I would love to try to find amongst however many games were submitted.

I also very much like this idea!

No problem about the test mail ^_^

Personally I would prefer that the Jam would take place at the same time than the Ludum Dare 36 (next weekend), that way the voting issue of this LD edition would be solved, and It also would encourage people that is new to itch.io Jams to participate on it (and then on future events, like an Itch.io Jam).

Thank you very much for your work, Leaf! :)

yes, having 2 jams and competing with LD would be kind of awkward. I am all in for a new jam.

jam ideas

* "fantasy universe jam" all games take place in the same universe (e.g. LotR / GoT / Grimm)

* "news jam" all games are based on news headlines from x day / month / year

* 'no title jam" all games are without title , (game#1 , ..) people can vote for titles after playing the game

jam name ideas

* dare to itch / scratch jam

* itchio original jam

* itch a jam

* scratch that itch jam

I like the "no title jam" idea along side the "anon jam" idea. No title, no names, just games.


2 button jam!

Double the fun!

For the date of the jam, how about itch.io's birthday ?

how do I leave this jam? The leave button seems to not be there


On the sidebar of the front page:

Deleted post

Don't worry about the test email. I don't mind if it's from a known and trusted source.

To be called Itch Jam seems as an obvious choice. Also Itch.io is not Ludum Dare, so it's a good call that it runs as a standalone jam, now that Ludum Dare's community will take care of their jam.

About the theme, I don't know. I think it should be special, to have some stuff no one have done before or not been able to recreate.

For example, Ludum Dare's community choose their own theme (and the games created are amazing), GBJam doesn't give a theme but the games have to imitate the Game Boy's display and audio limits. Or LowRezJam, using only a very small resolution display to your game. Those jams are popular for been unique.

Although there is one thing it must have: A rating system. Even if it's a pain to moderate it (for cheaters), competitive jams are always welcome, for developers in particular. After all, jams are good to measure your abilities. And Itch.io can support that idea I think.

Thanks :D

Test mail gave a chuckle, so no worries there.

Just wanted to throw out the idea of a 'progress jam' - a game jam where the idea is that developers take a project they already started, post content of some form (pictures, videos, designs, probably a demo, etc) of what it is currently, and then over the course of the jam they work on getting work on that project done.

The idea regarding ratings would be that you would rate games based on how well you think they improved. From what you could see before, to what you can see now, how much better do you think the game got?

I feel like this would be useful in particular to those struggling with motivation to work on their projects, as it seems that - at least to me - jams are excellent encouragement. Additionally, this would be great in tandem with other jam-crafted games, as the creators of those can expand upon them, potentially allowing those games to grow beyond a jam game where they otherwise would not.


My idea: Instead of having a single theme, all entrants get a unique theme from the list of the most upvoted suggestions.

  • It adds a fun social aspect "hey look at the theme I got, what's yours?"
  • It keep things fresh while rating other people's games
  • One thing I think helped make LD successful is how theme suggestion/voting builds the hype for the event. Plus it puts everyone into "game ideas mode" a few days before the jam. So keeping that aspect of LD would be useful.
NB. To make this even more different from LD, maybe it could be about imposing a game title rather than a theme? Not sure if it would be better or not

Sounds great, but it will requires a massive job to check if it's goes with his unique theme individually. So it's not viable.

Why not just have the theme that the user was given put on their game page? I mean, there's other reasons why the "everyone gets their own theme" idea might not be the best, but I don't think it's not viable.

If it appears in their own page on the jam, it could work. The rating will depend of the user in that case.

Now, about the theme generator... that's another thing.

I like the idea of giving the game's title, then the entrants interpret that into their creations. For instance if the title were THE DEEP COLD... One dev might create a game exploring space, someone might do a survival game in an arctic setting then another could make a puzzle game where you must organize a deep freeze unit before getting too cold.

I find interesting wan's idea about several upvoted theme :)

I would love for the itch jam to be its own unique thing mechanically, that is, to behave differently from other jams. So I'm down with the ideas that make it different, like everyone getting different themes from a bunch of themes that got suggested/upvoted, or the anonymous idea. Perhaps each itch jam could have a new radical change to how the jam functions? I'm excited!

Oh noes. Now you're on the same days as No Comfort Jam :(

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Simply make a traditional jam as LD, but taking advantage of the platform itch.io. I think that's the distinction that should be pursued.

Some ideas can include:

* A dedicated page to show project updates

* A "Teams Section" which list team members and who can join in case of needing people with certain skill, etc.

I really like the mechanic of "one theme" that Ludum Dare uses, because it test imagination and ability to solve problems.

Hello All,

Is this Game Jam still going ahead?


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@leafo : Wondering about this jam as well. Very very silent right now...

is there going to be a Theme?

I too am curious if this Jam is going on, because its perfect timing for me.


I put a status update in a new topic, I'm not ready to run the jam this weekend. Sorry for all the confusion: https://itch.io/jam/itch-dare/topic/44096/jam-on-h...