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๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Italian

Isole Mediterranee / Mediterranean Islands

The goal of this Jam is to create new islands for AGON, the role-playing game by John Harper and Sean Nittner. For more information about it see:


This Jam is curated by the staff of Grumpy Bear, the publisher of the Italian edition of AGON (and other role-playing games see


AGON is a game we like very much, and one of the reasons we like it so much is that we Italians owe a lot to Greek culture and tradition, to which our national culture and identity is strongly indebted.

We know that it is possible to achieve a high level of action and lighthearted tone while remaining inside that aesthetic canon that is typical of the Mediterranean area, both in terms of geography and flora and fauna.

We would like the Islands created through this Jam to have a distinctly Mediterranean flavor, scent and appearance.

What does this mean to you? Show us with your Island!


  • You can participate solo or as a team of participants. 
  • Grumpy Bear is the publisher of the Italian edition of Agon and for this reason we expect that most of this Jam submission will be in Italian. We are more than aware that the MEDITERRANEAN is not part of Italian culture alone and for this reason we have decided to open the Jam to anyone who wants to participate.
    However, we are not able to receive Islands in all the languages of the nations bordering the Mediterranean Sea or that consider themselves in some way related to Mare Nostrum. We therefore ask you to write your Islands in English if you do not know Italian.
  • Islands should not exceed 2,000 words. This is not a strict rule, so much as a guideline since Islands that are too complex or too full of Labors or Mysteries risk being too complicated to bring into play. To control the length of your text we suggest you use
  • The Island does not need to have been written specifically for this Jam, you can participate with an Island that had already been written, the important thing is that it follows the "Mediterranean" theme of this Jam.
  • Be sure not to infringe on the intellectual property of others. Quotes and references to outside sources are that welcome but it is important to make every reference explicit out of respect for the work of others.
    Particularly if the Island contains specific references we ask you to point them out and if they are in particular media (films, comics, books, art) to point them out so that those who are interested and especially those who will have to judge the Island can find out.
    We also suggest that you discuss them in the community section of the Jam.
  • The text of submitted Islands must be shared through the Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0).
  • The Jam ends on September 21, 2022 at 00:00 (ROME time zone, UTC+1), after which you will have 10 days, until October 01, 2022 at 00:00 (same time zone) to evaluate the other Islands.
  • It is not necessary to evaluate all of them but we invite you to participate in the voting phase by leaving comments and discussing in the community section of the Jam.


The Primary Criteria will be the one determining the winners.

The evaluation criteria are as follows:

  • Stage & Scenery
    This rating should reflect your assessment of the atmosphere on the island, the distinctiveness of the landscapes, and the presentation of the characters.
    How impressed were you by the initial description of the island?
    Which character has captured your curiosity since his or her introduction?
    What places on the island would you imagine as the backdrop for great exploits?
  • Strife & Mysteries
    This rating should reflect your assessment of the central themes of the island, the auspices of the gods, the potential inner conflict of the heroes, and the weight of the possible repercussions of their actions on the island's fate.
    How different are things from how they appear?
    Does the truth lie behind many possible interpretations?
    Can the island's themes resonate in the heroes' souls?
  • Trials & Battles
    This rating should reflect your assessment of how compelling you find the labors and possible battles, the difficulty of the competitions, and the appropriateness of outcomes and rewards.
    Which labors will go down in legend?
    Are the enemies equal to the heroes?
    Is it possible to approach battle with different approaches?
  • Overall Rating (Primary Criteria for this Jam)
    This rating should reflect all of the above and include any additional observations, specific evaluations, or unique features.
    How is this island different from all the others?
    If you were the Adversity player, would you propose this island to your group?
    Would you like to tackle this island with your heroes?


If you need some insight and instructions on how to create an Island for AGON, here you can have a look at an extract from the game manual that explains how to do it:
Creating an Island.

Please have a look to the two Islands that our Alessia Caviglia (Curator of the italian edition of AGON) has written with the theme of this Jam in mind. 
You can find the example islands here:
- Eutanea -> only in Italian for the moment
- Aiscune -> only in Italian for the moment


The 3 Islands that receive the best vote will be published as downloadable .pdfs from Grumpy Bear's website as additional content for the Italian edition of AGON.

They will be embellished with a full-page illustration by Ivano Scoppetta who has already illustrated the sample Islands and those that are already on the Grumpy Bear website as additional content.


If you decided to partecipate in this Jam, you may be interested also in this other Jam:
Battle Jam for AGON RPG / Paragon System hosted by our friend Greg Soper

If you have created an Island for our Jam consider the idea of submitting it also to Greg's Jam!


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ADAMASTOS - An Island for the jam "AGON Isole Mediterranee"
Un'isola per il gdr di Agon ("Isole Mediterranee Jam").
An island for AGON RPG, created for Grumpy Bear's "AGON - Isole Mediterranee" Jam.
Un'isola per AGON / An island for AGON
an Island for Agon RPG by John Harper based on the myth of Circe
Isola di Agon
An Island for Agon, written for the Isole Mediterranee Jam.
Un'isola per AGON
Un'isola per AGON / An island for AGON
Un'isola per AGON / An island for AGON
Un'isola per AGON / An island for AGON
isola per Agon
An Agon Island