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Need inspiration to work on something? Good, so do I! This is a low stakes jam to help get the ideas flowing. 

The premise of the jam is simple: Make something (a video game, a ttrpg, a zine, a book, an essay, an asset pack, music, etc etc)  based on a pop song, album, or artist! Other than that, (almost) anything goes. 

  • Previously made works welcome, though you are encouraged to make something new
  • New and experienced participants welcome
  • Feel free to charge for your work
  • NSFW and SFW submissions allowed, but make sure all NSFW submissions are properly labeled
  • Because of the acceptance of NSFW submissions, this event is not open to minors
  • While your work can depict transphobia, racism, ableism, homophobia, and other kinds of bigotry, your work should not in and of itself be bigoted (ex, a character experiencing internalized transphobia would be allowed, but a work that promotes the idea that trans people are just confused cis people would not be allowed)
  • It's always a little hard to define genres, so as long as you think it's kinda pop music, it's probably fine to use as inspiration
  • Late submissions absolutely allowed (best method of making sure I see it is to go through the discord server, but you can also send it to me directly at @harpoon_gun on twitter!)
  • There's a discord server if you have more questions or just wanna hang with other people participating in the jam!

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