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Who is here?

A topic by Shin created Feb 16, 2020 Views: 314 Replies: 7
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Who has joined the jam. Tell us something about your project.  :)

I'm in. I am writing a game using i6. This will be my first actual game.  


Submitted (1 edit)

I'm writing a game a game using I6.  (Didn't spot this jam until a few days ago, so given that and that I haven't used Inform in over a decade (and then, only for a few small, incomplete projects), it'll be a bit rushed).

Good to see another participant. Welcome!


Well, you're the only one who has submitted an entry thus far.


Glad it submitted successfully - wasn't sure it did as I couldn't see it in the submissions.  I still can't - only by going to the screenshot page and clicking there do I get to it.

I can see that there is one submission (probably yours), but it isn't visible. This is an administration issue. If you've submitted a game and it isn't visible to the public, it's because of a jam setting that the jam organiser has to change.


Well, it's partly visible - You can get to it, but not directly (and the stats show that two people have downloaded it, so others can see it too).  I'm going to make a thread to direct people to it, just in case.