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Some "Indigestible" Game Examples to Get your Mind Going

A topic by Perebite created Feb 24, 2018 Views: 203 Replies: 1
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For anybody participating that wants some examples of what I meant when I said indigestible games, here are some examples that aren't wholly representative, but just some things that may give you inspiration.

Indigestible means that these games recognize their potential inaccessibility to a larger public, but own it because the game requires it to make its point:

  • TetraGeddon (
    • An absurd, satirical, super sensoral reflection of internet culture
  • The Trans Zone (
    • A funny, cute, tho serious game that frames HRT as a quest through the Trans Zone
  • Four Nights 7: The Return of Foxy (
    • A satirical game parodying rushed RPGmaker games,  contains a lot of references to niche online content, other RPG maker games, and YouTube streamers, as well as making jokes you won’t get if you’ve never played Off, Lisa,  and Five Nights at Freddy’s. The game uses music and visuals from a lot of other games.

Fan Games:

I would consider any and all fan games at least somewhat indigestible and niche.

So there you are, some references! Have fun this week!


my game is about gay furries. may not be the most indigestible at first, but when they start talking about their deep and involved trauma it will be,, hope this qualifies and hope you enjoy!