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Break stuff.
Submitted by JUSTCAMH (@justcamh) — 5 hours, 31 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Game Mechanics#24.1544.154
Visual Experience#84.0774.077
Audio Experience#163.3083.308

Ranked from 13 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I like how every obstacles that would be annoying in other games are completely no matter at all in this game. I also loved stages' sensible names :D I'll wait for the full release! Check out my game too! (free dl link in the comment)

Submitted (1 edit)

Awesome! The finale has defeated me! :D


oh no, do you know which level you got stuck on?


Everything is great! The level with the fast moving platforms was so good. After several attempts I finally got it! Good job on that again! Cannot wait to see more!


Absolutely awesome game! Can't wait to get it on steam :D


great game, I wish to see more of it


Well then lucky for you, we're on steam, going for full release later this year! Wishlist it!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I love that it feels fast paced and fun. It requires paying attention to the little details in the levels so that you can take advantage of them to kill the enemies. The levels are very well designed. 

I wish I found the secrets.

The sounds effects and visuals fit perfectly. Great visual clarity and exceptional use of contrast! The dashing/slicing animation and visual effects are awesome. The menu is polished and "juicy". I also like that there is some story being told in the names of the levels without getting in my way with annoying dialog boxes.

I have only two small requests :) 

1. I would love to be able to move to the next level when close enough to the exit of the current one. The reason is I enjoy playing the whole game with the mouse but when I get to the end of a level it does not always slice well enough to reach the next one by inertia so I have to stop and press D on my keyboard just to proceed. It kills the feeling of momentum. To be honest I never really felt like WASD and jumping were useful.

2. When I move my mouse outside of the screen (I have two monitors) it pauses automatically. This happened very often as I tried to maneuver close to the end of the screen or when trying to reach the end of a level. It would be great if you could limit the mouse to stay in the game somehow.

Also I am not sure why I need to see the visual field of the player. But this is a small thing and it didn't have a big effect on my experience.

Other than that the game is excellent! I love polished, fast paced games that are easy to learn but still require attention and thinking to play. Do you have any plans to develop the game further?

Also could you please try out my submission and give me some feedback? I would greatly appreciate it! :)


I absolutely love this game! The mechanic is undoubtedly genius, the art style, music and humor is just amazing and fit so well with the game!

Definitely one of the best, most polished game I've played! Great job!!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

DUDE THIS GAME IS AWESOME !!! I love the art style, the controls feels nice and it’s awesome to run around slicing stuff. It’s even cooler that I’m like a ninja breaking into a bank. The touches of being able to slice the title screen and the UI really bring it all together. I am truly amazed dude. 

P.S. I found the infamous rooftop level but I haven’t gotten past it yet 😂

EDIT: By the way, put in your download instructions for Mac that if you get a “cannot be opened error”, rename the app ‘’, move it into applications and run this command 'chmod +x "/Applications/ Punch” ‘ and if that doesn’t work ‘sudo chmod +x "/Applications/ Punch” ‘. 


Ayyyy, glad ya like it! Good luck with the roof level, ya may be there a while. And thanks for the tips regarding mac! 


This is one of my favourite games in this jam so far. The gameplay and art style are top notch.

My first instinct was to slash enemies, but as soon as I realized I couldn't, the game became 10x more interesting to me. There's something very satisfying about using a powerful dash for stealth purposes.

Awesome job with this one!


Really fun to play! Those are addicting and satisfying mechanics.


Love it! Get rid of the keyboard controls and let me slash enemies and it'd be a mobile hit for sure!


Amazing! The level design is great, the simplistic art style and lighting effects looks amazing. The dashing feels satisfying. Love the improvements since the original version!