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The Indie Galactic Space Jam was started with a goal of creating a venue where Game Developers could team up with the Space Industry to make fun and exciting games that inspire interest in Space Science and Exploration. The First Indie Galactic Space Jam was held on July 25th-27th in Orlando Florida @ the Orlando Science Center. The 2018 event is being held in Orlando at the  Orlando Science Center. The event is almost 50% larger and 100% more awesome. Here we present to you the final games created by the teams at the jam!

If you are disappointed you missed the event, don't dismay. We are already hard at work planning next year's event.

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2-6 player ship block puzzle combat.
A two-player competitive space-exploration game
Earth is running of resources and it's your duty to go collect more.
indie galactic space jam 2018; a game for my wife
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Learn about the sun and solar weather as a young alien named Grom who is learning how to surf the solar winds.
Manage provisions for a Florida Space company's missions while cutting as many corners as possible.
Turn the tables and abduct aliens and their artifacts!
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The RemoveDebris satellite's A.I. has gone rogue! Knock space debris into the Earth to destroy all humans!
Atmosphere, rocket, nasa, space, florida, orbit
Baby Care in Zero-G!
Use the gravitational pull of different planetary bodies and limited fuel to make your way back home to Earth.
During a space simulation the lead astronaut has gotten pass out drunk!
Volume is a First-Person Shooter without any shooting. ​
Its a social planetary game where players work together to solve a puzzle
Puzzle game for Indie Galactic Space Jam 2018
Gamify learning about the Aerospace Industry and the opportunities it has to offer.
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