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We are independant game developers and our goal in life is to create awesome game. We don't have a code of conduct. We don't follow anyone else's rules except our own.

The purpose of this game jam is to create an awesome game that you want to make. There are no rules as long as it is something that you like. You can make it using anything HTML, Unity, Java, Lua, Python, etc. It can also be for any platform Linux, Windows, Mac, Web, Android.

So get developing and make your awesome game.

If you are just passing through this page and don't know what an independant game is, here is a short definition:

Independent video games are video games created by individuals or small teams generally without video game publisher financial support. Indie games often focus on innovation and rely on digital distribution. Indie gaming has seen a rise in the latter half of the 2000s decade, primarily due to new online distribution methods and development tools. Some games originated as indie have become very successful financially, such as Braid, World of Goo, fl0w and Minecraft ~ Copy and pasted from wikipedia

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Sweet... Like candy.
A halloween story about a girl, a dog and evil pumpkins
Play in browser
Short Survival Horror game to kill some time.