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The Forest is both a simulation of the sport of orienteering and an open world treasure hunt
Submitted by grelf — 2 days, 20 hours before the deadline
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User Interface (UI/UX)#122.8002.800

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I'm confused but is this a game? I think it is much more a showcase of procedural map generator. Which is good as it is, but it is not a game in a wide term.


try the orienteer mode, it's much closer to a "game in a wide term", and I found it to be very fun to learn how to navigate, I would also recommend you change the settings from "3m" to "1m" in "stride distance" (which determines how far you go with a single "forward step", there was a lot of text to read before I understood any of what I was seeing on the screen which is a very big barrier of entry, but ultimatly there is fun to be found in it.

I think that if you like the feeling of getting lost in metroidvanias, or even more specifically, orienting yourself on hollow knight without the compass charm, you can have fun playing the orienteer mode. I also didn't have much fun playing in the "explorer" mode, it was just too open ended for my tastes, but the orientieer mode, as it states in one of the PDFs provided, it aims to simulates the experience you have in real life on, IIRC, competitions of how to orient yourself.


the controls are very frustrating for me, all the actions I want to take are spread all over the keyboard which doesn't offer me a satisfying experience and I can't seem to rebind the keys. Other than that, great game, my mind was kinda blown by everythin in it, keep up the great work


This is an interesting concept for sure, and I don't really mind the 2D art choice (I am a bit of an older dev though, I can remember playing hours of Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall and that had a very similar gameplay feel.  I was unable to find any of the POI's that you could enter but it was fun coming across some of the interesting landmarks and objects along the way.  I'll come back for the rating I am playing ahead of the deadline a little bit to try and get some play time in on as many submissions as I can.  


did you try orienteer mode? I thought it was the most fun one


Oh I don't think I did I was playing in Explorer mode... I'll try that out maybe on my second pass, after I've had a look at everyone's games. I will probably come back to some and put a little more time in.