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Modern Action RPG with a humorous plot.
Submitted by RetroExcellent — 14 minutes, 50 seconds before the deadline
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RPG Maker MV

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Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

As others mentioned, it was pretty short and it was hard to get a grasp on what was going on. From the dialogue in the game, I gathered that you ran out of time to add things like an intro but a few lines explaining a bit more about the story would've been nice.

The robbery encounter was pretty cool and a nice way to introduce the player to combat. I was having some trouble understanding why giant bugs were trying to kill me though. The combat system was pretty simple in the demo but I can see it becoming fun with some more skills, plus I found the idea of a princess going around town kicking ass, pretty funny.

The townspeople could have had better dialogue as you don't really learn anything from them, you could've used them to explain a bit about the lore and world they live in.

I think I can see what you were going for with this game and if you stick with it you could make something really cool out of it.

Good luck :)


I gave this game a try since I saw a status mentioning it.  I couldn't get a good feel for the game since it was so short though.  The combat was an interesting idea, though I had difficulties aiming the lightning properly so I mostly just relied on smashing 'a'.  The story seemed like it could be neat, but since the game was so short there just wasn't enough to get invested in.

There were a few issues I ran into.  The hooligans in the store reappeared if I left and then went back in, but they just stood still like statues.  While I was chilling with Raiku the ants respawned around us, which meant that as soon as the cutscene ended I was being attacked and that felt pretty unfair.  It took me a while to realize where I was supposed to go next, so a bigger hint about the alley would've been nice.  I played the game twice, and once during the ending cutscene the bad guy Rolf seemed to get stuck on Bea's sprite so instead of ending properly the game just froze.

With some more time and work this could be an interesting game, but for now there's just not enough to really go on.  I recorded myself playing, so you can see some of the issues I had in action:


Here's your Secret Santa review! I think the premise is intriguing (the Princess has been transported to a world where people don't care) and I'd be curious as to how she solves this. This was my first time playing an RPG Maker game with on-map battles, so that was interesting too although the battles themselves were pretty simple (as long as you heal up now and then). I never got the chance to use the lightning spirit because I'd gotten rid of all the enemies by the time I got it. I also thought there were some nice funny touches, e.g., crashing on the couch at the inn and its consequences, and I liked the fountain show!

Some gameplay feedback:

  • Although I could navigate with the mouse, I couldn't talk to some people with it, e.g., the person in the police retail shop. The mouse didn't work with the rotational menu either (nothing happened when I clicked on something). So it seemed like the game was designed with the keyboard in mind, and it would helpful if there was an in-game message about that.
  • Maps felt kinda empty (too much open space and not many interactive events). I also suggest distinguishing between things that can be interacted with, and things that cannot - e.g., I was expecting to be able to go through the door in the second map (to the south), because it looked like the other doors we could go through in the first map, so a message saying "It's locked" or "I can't enter the building" would have been useful.
  • I also suggest having different colors for the damage numbers in battles (for instance, white for damage you do to the enemy, and red for the damage they do to you). My first couple battles I wasn't clear as to whether I was doing damage or getting hurt.
  • Bug: A Big Ant appeared again in the area where I had defeated it before (close to the entrance of the second map), and didn’t seem to do anything; I couldn’t attack it, neither did it try to attack me. There was also a Beetle nearby that didn’t do anything.
  • Not sure if this was intentional or it's a bug: In the alley, there was a message about the demo ending, but it looked as though something was going to happen when the guy headed towards me, but nothing happened and I couldn’t open the menu or move or do anything after that.

Good luck with the development of your game!


Heya RetroExcellent! I got your game as my Secret Santa review. I will play the game and write down my thoughts and notes as I play it so that way you get "real time" feedback so to speak. Alright, here we go:

Enjoying the funky beat on the main menu. I also am enjoying the artwork there as well! It’s simplistic but artful and interesting.

Initial landing map seems a bit sparse – lots of wide-open areas without much in them.

Gotta enjoy the 4th wall breaking!

Ok, not much in the way of backstory, but that’s alright. I get a vague impression of tongue-in-cheek.

Interesting menu setup, with the rotational icons.

Bought some fries from the apathetic food vendor because ya never know when you need them to sop up some poison.

Not really sure what I am supposed to be doing or where to go. Found my way to the Inn. The inn keeper is also rather apathetic lol. I guess I will try crashing on the couch! And now I feel worse than before, lol.

Just bought me a police baton from the knife shop.

Apparently the shopkeeper next door is equally apathetic as the rest of this city, she doesn’t care she is being robbed!

Oh, I see… everyone not caring is actually a thing in the game. Well, I guess I picked up on that pretty quick lol.

This knave called me a moppet?!

Combat is… interesting? Kind of difficult to manage, not entirely sure what sort of strategy is involved. I just mashed the attack button and it looked like I was hitting myself more than them. I healed a few times. Overall not too bad.

Too bad the Phoebe and the Goblins concert was cancelled :(

Wandered southward…

Holy hell, giant beetles and giant ants! Whaaaat?

Sweet, a talking dog! I just ignored all the ants and went right up to talk to the dog. The ants are hitting me while I talk.

Hmmm, can’t enter the door at the bottom left area where the dog was. Gonna head back up north I guess?

Hey, free money in the alley!

Made my way up to an alley on the north side of the map – was this open before? I don’t remember seeing it.

These guys seem mean.

Some more fun 4th wall breaking lol. Aaaaand that’s it for the game?


Final thoughts:

This game is wayyyy too short to really be able to give a full review. From what is there, it is light, it is fun, it is interesting. The combat is a bit odd, but that might just be me not knowing what the hell I am doing lol. All I can tell in regards to the story is that the main character escaped from a group of thugs in a park, came into the city, everyone is extremely apathetic for some yet undiscovered reason, and then the thugs catch up to her. Not really much to go on :)

But I enjoyed my time playing the game, as short as that time was. Hopefully you will continue to develop the game into something bigger and more fleshed out. Thanks for sharing! :)


I appreciate the review and the honesty. Sadly, spent too much time on assets and did not leave enough for story and controls. Those are on the top of my list and I hope you try out the next demo I put out after IGMC.


For something that appears to be made in a short amount of time, I am impressed.
That said, giving this a proper, thorough review I cannot do on my current hardware.


I appreciate the feedback. I plan to release an updated demo with everything I did not have time to do once the voting is over. :D