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'Your powers go way beyond, you just don't know that yet.'
Submitted by YonecuraKazumi (@KazumiYonecura) — 3 days, 6 hours before the deadline
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People's Choice Vote#1422.3332.333

Ranked from 12 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Members
Joao Yonecura

RPG Maker MV

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It's a nice game but a little cliché for story.

Hi Xenoneo, thank you for playing the game and for your gameplay video.

I'll make sure to keep your feedback in mind for future updates in order to present a more compelling story.

Good luck with your entry as well!


I enjoyed this game quite a bit! It's a shame that it has so few ratings.

Very pretty maps (despite lots of invisible walls... please block them off! lol). The battle system's interesting and something you don't see used often. In theory, I think I'd enjoy it, but it ends up feeling like kind of a drag in the execution. Something to make it more dynamic would help I think, rather than simply speeding it up. The number of skills all at once at the beginning felt a bit overwhelming. It makes it a little difficult to remember what you used before and how effective/ineffective it was. I ended up with the same lag issues that others mentioned.

It seems like a lot of time was spent on presenting it nicely (and it IS very nice to look at and listen to), and hopefully the other stuff will receive the same level of attention eventually.


Hi Sugar & Spice, thank you for playing the game and for taking a time to write a review.

I'm glad that you enjoyed the game, I'll make sure that future level designs blend in in a more natural way so that you don't have to run into invisible walls anymore, as well as making some tweaks to overall gameplay mechanics to provide a more engaging experience.

I've adressed some of the possible causes for the lag issues, but since I can't reproduce it myself I can't say for sure if it is really fixed, but I'll make sure to look for ways to keep the game always optimized.

Anyway, thank you again for your comment and good luck with your entry as well!


Rating games based on Judge categories just for fun


The ATB system felt pretty slow, and the enemies had way too much health in the initial section. Since they gave no experience, I just dodged all battles

Things got better after the initial segment, but battles in general still felt too slow. I stopped playing just after I entered the caravan where the clown guy was. By then I had already played for an hour

I feel you need to explain the conditions for equipping gear. Not sure if I missed them. Same applies for level ups. I only noticed I got a new skill when I saw it on the menu



One of the more beautiful "classic-looking" RPG Maker games I have seen so far. Mapping is organic and pretty. Music is on point. The story is intriguing, although a bit tropey with the "bad guys burned my home village" plot device

[17/20] -> Doubled to 34


The high quality of the art and the story kept me going, but the battle system kind of diminished the motivation. I saw that there is crafting and I was also curious about the magic stones you can equip. Overall I feel the battle system could drive away players



You seem to have a solid plan with this game. I tend to believe RPG Maker games that still heavily use RTP assets get a hit in the potential however, since it is difficult for a game like that to stand out. In your case this is balanced out by the gorgeous presentation


Total: 73/100 (4 Stars)


Thank you miracleJester for taking a time to play the game and for providing such a detailed review, I'll make sure to take into account all that was pointed out while making updates in the future.

Thank you again and good luck with your entry as well!


I like the visuals, gameplay mechanics, and am interested by the story. I almost really like the combat system, but it is just too slow for me. The game is a bit of a grind (which itself is fine), and I think it could really benefit if the ATB moved faster; I attack, the enemy attacks, and then I am waiting 2-3 seconds before the next action. If that is just sped up to more instantaneously go to the next character's action, I think the game would benefit greatly. Other than that, I think you have a lot going for you and would like to see more of it!


Hi LockeCole88.

Thank you for taking a time to play the game and for sharing your thoughts on it, I'll make sure to work on both player and enemies stats in order to deliver more fast paced battle encounters and provide a more enjoyable experience with future updates.

Thank you again for your input and good luck with your entry as well!


I did have some lag issues as well. But overall this game was great. It is so beautiful. The music  fits well and the art and maps look wonderful.  Also I have to say your cover art has to be one of my favorites


Hi gaelicdream and thank you for playing the game.

I'm really glad to hear that have enjoyed the game, but I'm sorry to hear that you have also experienced lag issues and that as it seems it is an actual general problem. I'm already working on that end to hopefully fix whatever might be the causes for it and I'll also make sure to keep in mind your feedback while working on future updates and reworks to bring a more enjoyable experience.

Thank you again for your feedback and good luck with your entry!


Well my lag was more than likely more my own computer since I seem to be having some issues like that with other games too. But removing the lag your game was incredibly well done and I really look forward to seeing it finished :) 


"Ah, snow bright, why even fight?
   You're the sole one in spotlight.
Naught to gain, but sights to see,
   And wonderful music paired beautifully."

I played through the game at less than 20FPS, pretty sure that's just my laptop, but I'm also experienced with having tons of events and parallels playing at once. It gets quite laggy.
Starting out quite powered is fun, but I found myself only using a few of the given skills. However; after the 3rd battle when I didn't gain any Experience I avoided fighting altogether. Not even the first boss granted Exp, and I had nowhere to spend the gold awarded to me.
Additionally, the next boss fight is shortly afterwards, and victory is mandatory. Honestly, I would've preferred starting at a lower level, and then fighting mobs to level up.

That being said, the reveal of the city was gorgeous. Atmospheric music was nice. And the GUI was made rather well. 


Hello TheOddFellow.

Thank you for taking a time to play the game and for sharing your thoughts, I sure appreciate it.

Also thanks for addressing the FPS problem, I wasn't aware about it, and despite whatever might be the cause for it, it is still a problem that shouldn't be there.

The initial part of the game was an unfortunate design based on a heavy dependance on storytelling, but if by any means you decide to continue past that there will be proper ways to progress your character and spend your currency.

All in all I'll make sure to keep in mind all the feedback while making fixes and reworks for future updates, thank you again for your input and good luck with your entry as well.


My first IGMC, which I didn't make the cut for dumb reasons, very much had a lag issue. I had 70 parallel events covering an "island" which were set to go off under certain conditions. I spliced that section off and made a map transfer without a transition (no white or black, just straight-up teleport). It was difficult lining the maps up because I had to make the maps inaccessible areas look like the other maps. Does that make sense?

And thanks for the luck! I hope to see your game updated when time allows.

'Till then, have fun creating!


I guess these events were set to Parallel in order to perform checks to see if these conditions had been met and then go off? If so I'd had opted for an event page management where two different pages are set up, one with no conditions and another that is set to be active when a Switch x or Variable x has a certain value.

About the maps, my guess is that you were trying to make each end of each map connect seamless with one another, in that case unless it is really necessary like a house interior map or a looping map that has to connect perfectly I would opt for a more artistic free approach on mapping and carry between maps only the most noticeable characteristics and overall positioning of the character, but design each map in its own.

Anyway, these are just my personal takes on my development workflow, take it with a grain of salt, and also thank you for sharing.