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Chaos Dream: RetributionView game page

Submitted by SimProse Studios (@SimProseStudios) — 14 days, 17 hours before the deadline
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People's Choice Vote#1362.4002.400

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Team Members
Just me (Derek, Simprose Studios)

RPG Maker MV

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Nice voice acting and custom graphics - I like overall the unique style you created using RMMV, well done! There are some minor graphic glitches, the people just disappearing is weird, and when you meet Nakuum, Grigori says "It is I, Nakuum." which sounds like he is saying his own name is Nakuum, but this is just a prototype so nothing against you for that. The only mechanic I don't like is item durability - at the very least, plz don't destroy my things when durability hits 0 Q_Q maybe just make it unusable until you repair it at a smith or something (which, I know wouldn't happen in this demo, but I'm thinking about the future!) - just an idea for you to mull over. Anyways, good job, keep up the good work!


Clearly you put a lot of time in the graphics and audio. I just don't find the story very compelling. I don't understand why the main character has magic either. Maybe if you had him get attacked, accidentally use magic, then have his mother explain it might have brought me into the story better.

I have to be honest. I want this game to win solely because i feel like this game was the one where the most work has been put into. I just got into RPGMaker games recently and this one really stands out because of the graphics. Very excellent work! 5 stars!


It feels and looks like every other game I've seen from you. Try something new perhaps?


Weird how people keep saying this. There are 4 pretty big, key differences from all my other projects:

  • Very different storytelling style and setup - with voice acting through whole game rather than just mostly the beginning part.
  • Totally different mapping tile set used.
  • Far less reliance on random encounters - mainly using on-map encounters.
  • Sideview combat rather than the frontview that I always use.

Same UI and same menu framework with just different colors and images, still feels exactly the same. battles work the same even if sideview... 

Feels like copy-paste to me

It's a little too difficult for me but the art style reminds me of diablo with some turn based combat. Impressive for a month's work.  


one star for the cool dubbing!

one star for no bugs :-) !

one star for the lot of work!

For me, the graphics are mixed to much between HD and Pixel...