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A jam entry

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IGMC entry
Submitted by Erilex with 1 hour, 48 minutes before the deadline

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Judge feedback

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  • This was a cool concept and environment although it ended pretty quickly. I like the idea of cycling through different forms and creating familiars out of your weapons, but the combat itself is really rough. I think the issue was having no way to replenish your HP outside of battle. You could restore the forms (although the mana cost was pretty steep) but it was hard to fight several battles in a row without being able to heal the last form that survives. Great idea but the details need to be finessed a little more.

    Score: 47/80

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RPG Maker MV

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This looked like an interesting game. And I think it does have some potential. Too bad it was so short.
I ended up exploring a bit of the skill menu and I thought it was cool you could turn your weapons into party members, but I also realize that if they died, they were just stuck there. You had no way to revert them to their other form. I also thought the game was a bit hard considering we only get 2 items to recover our hp/sp and no one has any healing skill, you know? It was kind of tough to continue the rest of the game after I lost my other two forms. I'm not sure how I even got to the end tbh. XD
Overall: It was interesting, the concept behind looks fun and I kind of liked the maps a lot and the statues (the ones that give stuff), it all looked creepy but in a very subtle way. Keep it up and good luck with the contest! :)


Thanks for playing! As you have seen, the game is in a very rough state, as I only had time to put together this barely functioning demo before the deadline. I plan to eventually release a finished version that will hopefully be properly balanced and free of bugs.


I thought this was a really interesting progression system! ...And then I got to the end lol. Still, at least you got your submission in on time - I went the "finish the game too late and now literally nobody will play it because it's a mediocre hour long game and they're busy judging contest entries" route.