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A jam entry

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Visit a strange island with many secrets.
Submitted by LumpyTouch (@lumpytouch) with 21 minutes, 2 seconds before the deadline

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Ranked 29th with 7 votes

People's Choice Vote#297

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    The graphics are all custom and I drool at them. They're lovely and obviously what the most time was spent on because holy hello are they nice. The maps are so hnng and it just looks so delicious.

    Writing is also pretty good. The dialogue is a bit abrupt, but it gets the point across. The characterisation... I've not seen much of yet, sadly.

    Music is great. Fits well with the feel of the game and sounds a treat. Really boppy and it's in my head. Sound effects are also pretty good.

    The game doesn't really explain what it's aims are, sadly.

    Side view walk-and-collectathon is where this game is at. Also, jumping down ledges/climbing pot plants.

    You basically walk around collecting coins to afford stuff. There's levelling up, too, though I've no idea what it is for.

    There are a lot of bugs, including a game crash in the ballroom and all kinds of other stuff. There's so many passability errors. I'm walking on all the walls and getting trapped behind all the events and unable to collect so many coins. Why? ;.;

    When I started playing this I was like "yassss bitch" but after 10 minutes I'm like "bugger" The amount of bugs is ridiculous and makes it pretty much impossible to play as you keep finding more. This makes me a sad and very disappointed judgey.

    That doesn't stop me from trying to play more of it though. Key word: try. This is why testing is hella important, people!

    We don't get into the game enough to figure out what the theme is thanks to bugs. Can bug be a theme? Let's make that the theme. Bugs. That's the theme and it portrays them perfectly. ;parts


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This is a bit disappointing.. the art is SO gorgeous! I loved exploring the hotel, not just for the cool and odd paintings but the whole atmosphere of the hotel is amazing.
I think this game could be brilliant, but at the current state is pretty much impossible to do more but roam around. Which is sad. I got curious about what's really going on in the hotel. :P
I'm putting up the list of the stuff I noticed as I went along, dunno if it's helpful to you but anyway:
- Mapping issues. In the main "entrance" (there's a typo in the type of the zone) if you go to the right side of the building you can go up the wall. In the Lobby too, if I press up in front of the first plant I can also run up the wall. I noticed the same happening with the lamp in the desk and in my room the left side with the book shelf and the plant too, which makes me think it's probably in a lot of other objects in the maps. The whole male locker room is the same. You really should look it over, it's impossible to interact with anything like that.
- Bugs. In 102 and 104 rooms, you can't move away from the door when you enter. And when I left the room 104 I was stuck outside somehow up by the door. I couldn't move at all. Had to restart the game..
- The lobby lady told me to go to the 3rd floor but what am I suppose to do there? I couldn't enter the gallery if that was the point?
- In the rouge room, there was some guy in a robe there but I couldn't interact with him at all.
- In the basement at the left most of the corridor there's some old man there but something invisible is blocking the way and I can't approach him to speak with him.
- Bug? I dunno if it's meant to be like that but when you try to leave room 201 you end up in room 202. If you enter room 203 you end up in 202... lol
In the 4th floor when you go on in the second screen at some point there's something invisible blocking the way and you can only go back.
I quit exploring here.
I really enjoyed looking at the art. I hope you'll pick up the project later on and continue. I would love to actually play this. It looks like fun! (And not just because Miles looks like like Levi from Attack on Titan.. haha)
Good luck! :)


Thank you for all the great feedback! I learned a lot from this, and I'll probably scale back the scope if I do something similar again. Thanks again for listing bugs. THERE WERE MANY!

Just to echo Jake's sentiment:

This looks great, characters are great, environments are intriguing. But, yeah, I ran into a whole bunch of mapping errors, teleports leading to wrong areas, game breaking bugs - including the "cannot read property 'contructor' of null". 

I don't think any bugs I found are major problems though, and I'd love to play this again when the kinks are ironed out. 

Worth playing just to see the great artwork hung on the walls!


This is so beautifully drawn! Unfortunately, I ran into a ton of mapping errors in the first few minutes - I was able to climb up things that didn't exist in the first few maps; then when I talked to the robed figure in the Rouge room I got "cannot read property 'contructor' of null". This has so much potential though - and a vibe all of it's own - you just gotta fix those bugs.