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A jam entry

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Lucie is a girl who, after waking up, griefs while discovering her whereabouts in a house full of monsters.
Submitted by vcmotta with 6 hours, 8 minutes before the deadline

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RPG Maker MV

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So this is the kind of game i like, we understand what we have to do easily, even if sometime it can take a little time to figure it out!

A nice Environnement, this is a nice horror game! I notice little issues (nothing important, there is no door passage behind doors! Like hole or something, so i see the wall behind door. lol)

However this really is a nice game! Well done!


Thank you very much for the review! I'm glad you had fun playing Lucie!


Alright, I took a shot at your game. I admit that I had to resort to using the supplied Walkthrough file a couple of times, but I enjoyed what the game offered. The game could be called survival horror, and you delivered well on that front. I personally did not have an issue with the timers running during message boxes, but I think the one time you had to escape the angel was a bit severe. It almost made me quit the game halfway. However, a well designed game nonetheless, albeit a bit short (it's understandable in this competition, really).

Congratulations on completing your game!


Thank you very much for the review! I'm glad you had fun playing, Cheers!


This was a fun game. It contains all of the hallmarks of an RPG Maker horror game: eery music, spooky atmosphere, suspenseful chases and lots of death when you make a wrong move. The challenges you have to solve are well done and fit the theme. I thought I was stuck a couple times but then went back through and found something I missed that allowed me to keep going so I'd say that it's balanced well. Great use of scenery changes that deliver some creepy effects. 

The storyline was a little vague (not unusual for this genre) but still intriguing. I think I caught the gist of everything, although the ending wasn't entirely clear. I know I missed a couple of doors that had pass codes on them so perhaps there is a different ending I could have gotten.

Outside of a couple of small bugs that didn't in any way hinder game play, which is perfectly understandable in the game jam rush, everything ran great and played fine. The only real issue I had was that the events don't stop when you trigger message boxes. This got me killed me more than once. Still, this wasn't anything that spoiled my impression of the game at all. 

I recommend playing this one unless horror games aren't of any interest to you. It's fun, engaging and even challenging at times. I enjoyed playing it. Great job, Motta! 

Developer (Edited 2 times) (+1)

Thank you very much for your review, bro/sis! Indeed, the storyline is a secondary aspect of the game, but the endings were not meant to be "open", the only ending i did for the jam ends up not being exactly clear  because of the short time i had avaliable (although the Cage is an extra puzzle to explain the history)! Also, i will stop the events when the user triggers a messagebox, since it is something a lot of people are complaining about.

I am very happy that you had fun playing Lucie, cheers!


I really liked this - you can tell your inspiration comes from 'The Witch's House' (one of my favorite RPGM horror games)! I agree with Rhino, that some of the puzzles were a little bit wonky in their execution and didn't always work for me. I do think that burning the spiders web is almost too much like real life too - if you're going for lucid dreaming, the solution to that puzzle should change in the real game to be something a little more fantastical. 


Thank you for spending your time playing Lucie and writing this review! Indeed i will try to improve some puzzles to be more "dream-like", but i think that the overall puzzles are already, in a macabre way, surreals, which was my initial intention with the game!

I am really glad you had fun playing, cheers!


Great game! *Spoilers ahead for anyone not wishing to have the experience spoiled* - I just played through it. It is very atmospheric and I couldn't help but be reminded of Pan's Labyrinth when trying to get food for the skeleton (and of course, Doctor Who with the angel!)' another inspiration that comes to mind is the old NES game The Uninvited. The puzzles were clever and interesting and varied enough to not get stale. The monster chases though were not terribly difficult but sometimes were a bit frustrating because you had to interact with something in the environment while being chased which does not pause the movement of the monsters - so for example, needing to grab the sword to escape the doll creature towards the end. There are multiple dialogue boxes that you have to blast through while the creatures mosies its way over to you. All that said, I overall enjoyed the whole premise. Unfortunately I did not recover the four digits required to 1.) open up the room where the living dude went, and 2.) open up the cage at the end. Not even sure where to find the clues for these four digits, but would have loved to know the actual purpose of the place/dream!


Thank you very much for the review!! I'm glad you liked it!

Also, the clues for said puzzles are in the game! But i plan writting them on the walktrough.txt in the game folder when i release the full game! :D


I thought the average session of a few seconds was just a joke, but nope, you really got me that quick! I actually had a bit of a hard time finding my way to the second area, I didn't realise the carpet was a door. Anyway, wow, I sort of regret leaving! (In a good way!) As you progress through the game the intensity keeps rising, and there were definitely some parts that I was jamming my keyboard as quickly as I could!

However, there were a few bugs and typos which I felt ruined my experience a little. So here's a bug report for you (I know you can't fix it until IGMC is over, but I thought it might help anyway.) Spoilers ahead for anyone else;

-You can read some things like the dream diaries from the side of the desk where there's no candlestick. The same thing for some paintings on walls, it just seems a little rough. You can easily fix this using a conditional branch to check which way the player is going.

-I accidentally found this passability error, which lets you want out of the room. https://imgur.com/81gRJwB

-When taking the flower from the angel, after the cutscene the player is viewing from the front, regardless of where they were stood before.

-There's an autorun in the butterfly room meaning you can get unlimited butterflies.

-Sometimes your character sheets were not lined up correctly, for example the flower vase puzzle and sleeping Lucie jump a few pixel when you talk to them. The crow also has a few stray pixels on it's flying sprite. 

Overall, I enjoyed the surrealism of it. You definitely got the lucid dream down. There were some parts that were really tense, particularly the out of the corner of your eye sprite changes. Although they were tense, I didn't really enjoy the chase scenes. Sometimes the AI was laughable, and sometimes it was very difficult (waiting for the sound effect to play whilst getting the sword off the wall killed me a few times.) 

There were also some parts where I felt really disconnected, some of the puzzles didn't quite work for me, and there were some things that just seemed too edgy and cheap horror that really pulled me out. After getting my head cut off so many times, I didn't really care. I managed to open the box at the end, but didn't feel that I really benefited from the explanation. We didn't get to know very much about Lucie, how she ended up having these lucid dreams, whether or not the monsters were real, or what was going to happen to her following the ending. I felt that the story was a bit second to the horror gameplay, although I'm sure fans of the genre will enjoy this game for what is it; spooky, mysterious with a touch of the bizarre.


Thank you very much for the feedback,bro, i will try to answer your points:

-Since i rushed with this game in a month, I neglected this detail because I thought it would not be taken into consideration in the evaluation during the IGMC, but i will indeed correct it in the full version!

-The passability error was an ugly mistake indeed, i was using it when i was gametesting and forgot it because of the short time :/

-I didn't know it was something bad, i do transfer the player in a lot of events to standarize it.

-Wow, did you actually get unlimited butterflies? If so, my bad again, but i thought that the switch logic i used would make it impossible to happen!

-I hate your sharp eyes, i will try to line up the pixels in the full version, too, hehe.

As for the story, it is meant to be a secondary aspect of the game, indeed, and it may be kind of "open" right now, but it will be clearer when i finish the 4 finals i've written, although it already is kind of explicit of what really happened there!

I'm glad you enjoyed it overall and i hope you play the full version when i finish it, thank you again!



Gameplay - Lucie is a RPG horror game that revolves around solving puzzles or being punished with death. The atmosphere of the game is very dark and creates a tense feeling. Any time you enter a new hallway you proceed with caution. The game plays on many innate fears and uses many good creepy pasta stories to enhance it's feel.

Music - The tone of the game is set by the music and sound effects. For any fans of horror games it will be a great experience. The audio cues and music play an important part of the game, letting the player know when they are in danger or when they have uncovered a secret.

Story - The game's focus is not particularly on the story however the basic plot is that you are Lucie, and you are stuck in a house with no real understanding of where to go or what to do. The story does however come together in the end just enough to leave you asking more questions. The translation plugin used for this game does not seem to be perfect, I did find several instances of misspelled words and lower case i's when referring to self. None of these hindered solving the puzzles, but it does make it harder to grasp the full story. 

Graphics - The Mythos tileset makes for excellent survival horror games, and this game uses it very well in crafting puzzles that are fun and scary.

Overall - While the game is not too bloody or gore filled some will find the dark atmosphere and survival horror genre not to their liking, but for those of us who love horror games this is awesome, right up there with The Witches House. 

Developer (Edited 3 times) (+1)

Thank you very much for the feedback, i MEAN IT. Yes, it indeed has some misspelled words (because of the short time i had on writing the .json file with the game texts), and i am very sorry about that, but i think that it does not compromises the gameplay the way it is! And i find the translation plugin very useful, I'll try working on it later. You made me very happy by comparing Lucie with witch's house, which i consider a true masterpiece. Also, (SPOILER) although the story is a bit complicated in the final like you said, you can get the explanation by opening the small box on the last room!(/SPOILER) Thanks again, cheers!