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A jam entry

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Sanity Care Psychiatric Hospital
Submitted by Enigma with 8 hours, 59 minutes before the deadline

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Judge feedback

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  • If there was an award for creepiest title screen, this would be a shoo-in. There was definitely a well-done scary vibe to this, but it ended before a player could get the full effect. Some interesting ideas with the choices and character interactions and such but in general the gameplay seemed minimal - there was a lot of watching and reading rather than playing. I think there’s plenty of potential here, but it’s very insubstantial in its current state.

    Score: 45/80

  • 49/80

    Fairly standard gameplay. A few oddities such as being able to walk through the door in cell B. At least there doesn't seem to be too much focus on jump scares thus far.

    A potentially interesting story with a bit of polish and the full story, but it could go either way. Possibly something to look at in the future, but will have to see how the story progresses.

    Sound is used mostly within reason. The visuals are fairly dark in certain areas, but while there is the potential of having a frustratingly dark navigation, that doesn't seem to be the case yet.

    As the game is now, it doesn't quite show much potential, but it is still early enough that it can be fixed without a major rework. Unfortunately, there just isn't much to show.

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RPG Maker VX Ace

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This was really short, but I enjoyed what I saw. Having story branches can get hugely complicated, so I applaud you for even trying one!

I wasn't sure about the atmosphere at the start, but it sucked me in as things slowly unfolded and became eerier. If you enjoyed making this demo and feel you've got enough to continue with, you might as well go for it! Horror is normally well received, but you have to decide to make it for you, and not just because someone else thinks you should. If it was me, I'd probably try to go with a smaller and simpler concept to find my feet with the engine before taking on something like this, but you know your own skill and focus and whether or not you think you'd manage to finish something like this!

The demo itself was well handled. I didn't find any bugs, although you could do with proofreading everything again since there were a few typos and shaky punctuation. I felt that balloons were overused, they seem a little out of place in this atmosphere. There's quite a few videos/scenes where there's no player input to move text forward, so you do have to be pretty focused in order to read everything in time.

I like Sam and relate to his shyness and anxiety. These kids are made of brave stuff! 


I got the impression that Mackenzie was the monster? 

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Edit: Oh! I'm such an idiot. Thank you very much for playing my game!!!!! I forgot to mention that >_<.

Yeah sorry about the overuse of the balloons =w=;;; I just didn't have enough time to make more faces as I intended to. As for asking whether people wanted me to continue making the game I guess all I really wanted to do was see if there was any interest in it. However, you're definitely right. I should decide that on my own. 

I did write the entire story down and planned on having Fog, Amy, and Sam all get to the library. I also had a bunch of puzzles thought out so I might go ahead and make the longer version with more upgraded maps and graphics. About the writing that was my fault lol. I just realized I didn't proof read anything at all. I was so busy seeing whether events were all in working order that I forgot the most basic thing. Proofreading! 

The game definitely needs more play time than reading; not only so the player has a chance to take a break lol, but because it has to be a game. 

Also I think it's because they're kids they feel more numb and accepting to the situation around them. They've been exposed to a lot more scarier things in the operation room. Things like this are not on their radar of fear. The doctor is. 


I won't say much about Mackenzie, but I can definitely say he doesn't look like a monster. The actual monsters roaming around the hallways are not him. He's in the basement part of the facility and before Sam leaves he needs to find him.