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A jam entry

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Can you help save the Human race from a mad Doctor.
Submitted by papaleon5 with 1 day, 8 hours before the deadline

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  • Disqualified as it does not meet the quality standards -- the game crashes within the first 5 minutes.

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Hmm.. as a premise this looks interesting.
My thoughts about what I've seen. I didn't play a lot mind you because of the saving problem.
- I decided to give this a try because of the crafting. I love rpg games with a crafting system. But I was a bit disappointed because while exploring I got a bunch of materials but I got no clue how to go about crafting anything..
- You should have a tutorial, even if brief, to explain to the players how they are to go about things.
- I like how you have the option to go to the summit or not (I tried both to see what would happen lol) 
- The map of the conference was really bad tho.. too much empty space. In my opinion, it's better to make it a small map that looks good and has everything that the player needs to look at then make it a super big map with lots of space that has nothing to look at and where the important stuff (the event) will only play in the center of it.. ;)
- I thought the first town looked ok and the world map too, but you should add some signs to make it easier for the players to move around without getting lost
- I would suggest giving the players some potions when starting too. I made the mistake of going into a few battles in the map while trying to see where I could go and while the monsters weren't too difficult, after a few (like 2 or 3) I was pretty close to dying.. lol And the inn asks for 200g to recover my health?! EXPENSIVE! I'm poor! I don't even have armor to protect me and if I'm gonna spend my money it's going to be in that! XD
- You need the put the npcs talking! It's really odd to go around the world and not being able to talk to anyone but shopkeepers, you know? :( It's lonelyyy!

Apart from these points. The game looks interesting. I'm a sucker for games with crafting systems so I'll definitely give this one a good again when you work out the issues in here and add some more content. :) Keep it up and good luck!


Okay, full disclosure; I'm not a fan of complex craft systems or rpg mechanics in general. But I gave this a go anyway, and oh boy, I have some harsh feedback coming. :(

It's a hugely apparent first game, but that's fine. You have a lot still to learn, plus honestly no one expects much from a first try. There's no substitute for experience when it comes to being a dev, so I hope this comment will be valuable to you, even if it is a bit painful. 

First of all, you need to get saving sorted asap. In a game with random encounters, i.e. lots of chances to accidentally get wiped out, you need to have that in or you'll just lose players who can't be bothered replaying things. The error you have is also affecting the options screen, so I can't change any of those since backing out causes a game ending error. It seems like it's either a plugin conflict or to do with the way you've created the .exe.

So we start, and cue the scrolling text exposition. Of course, stories need a backdrop to get the player interested, but doing it like this is a huge turn off to a lot of people. If nothing else, it's kind of hard to read. Perhaps check out this article?

Bringing me up to the text itself, wow, that font is hard to read. You've filled up 4 lines of dialogue, and they only fill 1/2 the width and 1/2 the height of your textbox. That just looks stupid. It's a pet peeve of mine when text doesn't fill to the end of the line anyway. I'd recommend looking into Yanfly's Message Core, the automatic word wrap will help you fill space properly, and if you really want, you can add extra lines into the textbox to fill the height (though, seriously, increase your text size.)

The dialogue itself is littered with errors. If you want people to take it seriously, you need to sort that out. If you're not a native speaker, there are places you can go to ask for help with proofreading.

The mapping is not the best, but again, that comes down to experience. (I'm not good at it either''') It's perfectly acceptable to use the rtp resources, but you should really put the effort in to outsource some stuff e.g, the music. The majority of people who play RPG Maker games are fellow devs, and we've heard all of this stuff before. Even as a non-artist, you don't need to rely entirely on the rtp graphics. A really good place to go for resources is here, there's tons of cool free to use stuff around, and having some of this stuff on show will help a little with the bias against rtp, since it shows that you've put in some extra thought and attention. 

You might also want to learn a little more about tilesets. If you go into your database>tilestets, you'll find them all. There's features such as the Passage (4 dir) that allow you to restrict tile entry for certain directions, e.g. to stop your npcs from being able to waltz over the sides of your couches. There's also the counter flag which is used on tables. These allow you to interact with an event from over the table. You can use this in the inn by putting the inn event on the npc itself, so the player can still talk to them from the side and front instead of it being on the book.

I'd recommend using Yanfly's Region Restrictions. That way you can restrict npcs with random movement from being able to block doors and exits. I got myself stuck in the inn whilst the old shopkeeper was walking around. If you didn't know, you can right click and use 'quick event creation' to easily create a door with an opening animation. 

Your player doesn't need to be able to interact with everything, but really, most people are going to expect to be able to talk to npcs. Even if it's a line saying "I don't want to talk to this person." Npcs are a great chance to do some world building, it's a waste to just have them for decoration.

The weapon shopkeeper's face doesn't match his sprite. You've got a lot of weapons at the same price, but have major differences in the attack stats, which is just a crazy idea. For balancing, you probably don't want the player to be able to access strong weapons so early on. You've got some items that can sell for a lot, so I'd recommend just hiding the strong weapons until later rather than increasing the price of those. 

The quest log is a good idea, because I lost track of what I was supposed to be doing. I wandered around the world map, and found two places where I couldn't actually do anything. I bought a boarding pass but I wasn't allowed on the aeroplane. I supposed I could have played for longer and tried to figure something out, but as it is, your game just isn't ready for players. 

A shameless plug, but I'd suggest joining the forum that I linked! It's full of passionate developers of all levels, and they're all so kind! It's a great place to get support, resources and to look at how other people are using the engine. Playing other games is also a great way to get ideas for maps, mechanics, and general inspiration. 

Hope this helps! <3


Thank you for the feed back.  This was my first attempt at creating a game.  I know there were some flaws in this game, that is why it is marked as in development.  I have been working on the quest log and I agree that there is issue with the shop pricing and option screen ( I have fixed the option screen just can not add till after the contest is over.)  I have also worked on fixing the enemy levels as they are to hard in some instances.  I wanted to try to get a submission in and hoped that the story would be the main focus as it is still in development (only had a month).  I am working on Tutorials for crafting and making all NPC functional.  I was aware of the 4 directional option on the tilesets but I did not think about using them on the furniture items which would help.  I really do appreciate all the feed back you have sent.  I have a few individuals who are testing the game updates and giving feed back so I can ensure the game is 100%.  This feed back has been very helpful and anything that I was not already working to fix I will fix.

Thanks again for the great feedback and I will work toward ensuring the game is 100% when ready.